Just Seanster things planning to learn new stuff on this module and make use of it in the future regarding all the high tech computer stuff. "if she pack a gun, you know you better run fast! - shaggy"

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

Mortal Kombat

Exercise 2: Viral Content


Exercise 3: Infographics

Be crystal clear and say no to Crystal Meth!

Exercise 4: Mobile app

Makan Lah

Welcome to our App, Makan Lah, food is a big part in Malaysian culture but it's often hard and expensive to eat healthy outside of home, with our app you can buy food from individuals around you or even sell your own food if you are passionate about cooking and want to make some extra money.

The main feature are "sell now", allowing you to post your food and to sell to people, "buy now", will show you all the food that people are selling, "around you" will show you what food are people selling around your area, and "my favourites", bookmarked food can be bought on the go.

Assignment 2 : Video

We, Young Metro, welcome you to this video. Malaysia is a melting pot of different cultures and so is its cuisine. In this short video, we would like to show you our vlog regarding our topic that we chose which is food. The food culture in Malaysia plays a big role in our daily lives. Here we have a short video of something called The Messed Up Family that can be found in a local cafe known as Garage 51. This is not part of our local cuisine but we suggest that you give it a go. Here's The Messed Up Family on how it's done and where it can be found. Enjoy!

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