The Significance Project Natalie Johnson

Tackling the big questions in life is always a challenge. Here is my take on happiness, success, the necessity of suffering and what gives life meaning.

Happiness is knowing that I have impacted someone’s life in a positive way. Making even the slightest positive impact on someone brings me so much joy, even when I don’t see the immediate effects of my actions. Happiness does not come from having things or experiences, it comes from being able to share love with the world and those around us. I will consider myself a successful person when I am able to provide aid to those most in need after I become a nurse.

Suffering allows us to understand others in a way that happiness and success cannot. Experiencing pain or hardship gives us the ability to help others when they are experiencing times of trouble. Working through depression has helped me understand other’s experiences and provide better care for them, my depression has made me a stronger and more compassionate human being. The one thing I have never lost even in my darkest days, was love. Love transcends suffering. While I would love for everyone to have a life full of happiness, there is no way to know light without dark.

Even while experiencing the worst and most lacerating consequences, some people double down on vulnerability. They hurl themselves deeper and gratefully into their art, loved ones and commitments. -- David Brooks

Brooks, D. (2014, April 7). What Suffering Does. New York Times. Retrieved from:

All life is meaningful. Meaning is life is achieved through love, love of all living things. We create meaning in our lives by caring for and loving those around us and ourselves. A life without love is meaningless.

It is easy to say there is more to life than material riches, because there is happiness and helping others. Depending on the definitions of success or your dreams, it is hard to say there is more to life than that. The “something” that is more to life, for me, is love and compassion for our fellow humans and all living things. I believe love creates love and that love is the blood of life. Without love, we have nothing.

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