The Georgian friday, 18 september 2020


A new feature of our newsletter will be a shift from my usual blog, to a piece written by one of our pupils. This week, Harry in Year 8 has written about his return to school, and he was also good enough to have a short interview with me this afternoon:

I have just started back in Year 8. I have been at the school since Nursery so I am nearly at the end of the journey! I'm really enjoying life back at school as it's good to see my friends and teachers again. I am pleased to be doing regular sports again as this is an activity I enjoy. It was initially hard getting back into a routine and keeping to the new safety rules, but it's getting easier.
Being off school for so long really made me appreciate it so much more. I think I took it all for granted before. Not actually being in the classroom for lessons was strange, but I think I quickly adapted to the online learning and it made me more independent in my approach to work. We had some fun Google Meets and Mr Giani let us do quizzes in our form times. I really appreciate the work and effort all the teachers have put into bringing us safely back to school. Hopefully we will be back to normal soon!

By Harry Woodrow 8JE


It’s been a smashing week at St George’s and everyone has been in very high spirits as we hurtle through Week 2. There have been many highlights, but to name a few:

Pupils across the school have got back into their work with determination, and it has been good to see everyone working hard. Many lessons have taken place outside, and a particular highlight for me is seeing the Year 1s enjoying their story after lunch each day in the Tipi!

Our individual music lessons are now firmly underway, as have been our year group choirs. The sound of singing across the school once again is wonderful, not least at 4.00pm as the choristers rehearse in the Sports Hall – their voices resonating across the county! Year group ensembles begin next week, as do our LAMDA lessons.

The boarders are loving the warm, late summer evenings, and our fire pit got its second outing on Wednesday evening, when they all enjoyed Smores around the fire.

Wednesday afternoon was a particular highlight, as I cycled around the playing fields to watch our inter-year group hockey, netball and football matches. It was a very different Wednesday with no fixtures or match tea to look forward to, but a super atmosphere nonetheless.

The children are all so happy to be back in the swing of things, and it is great fun to be back with them during break and lunch times. Year 6s have created the most enormous conker pile on Home Park Private, and Year 8s are thoroughly enjoying the space out there at break times.

The staff are working really hard to create the right rhythm in this ‘new norm’, and I would like to particularly mention our cleaning and catering teams who are working around the clock to ensure everything runs smoothly. Olivia and her team in the dining hall are getting through the year group lunchtimes with amazing efficiency, and now we have the screens installed, are able to bring out the variety we have all come to enjoy.

Wishing all St George’s families a happy weekend, wherever your adventures take you.

William Goldsmith


Head Master's Commendations

  • Eleni S, James C and Zaki B: for a brilliant description of a new sweet for Mr Willy Wonka using a range of description (celebrating Roald Dahl Day).
  • Sofia C and Lara H: for making a fabulous timeline of significant events in their life in History.
  • Harry M: for his love of books and reading.
  • Hugo L and Tai A: for a fantastic start to the year in all areas.
  • Tom Y: for a fantastic effort in Maths.

Spirit of St George's Awards

  • George H and Reya M: for instilling spirit and enthusiasm into his/her form.
  • Sophie H: for helpfulness and manners in every lesson.
  • Mariella O'B: for showing gratitude and politeness to teachers and fellow pupils.
  • Nathan E: for showing genuine kindness, compassion and concern for fellow pupils.

Golden Tree Assembly Awards

  • 3CH – Josie L, Anna P
  • 3ML - Cassian C, Savannah T (Cassian was also awarded his Silver Kindness Code badge)
  • 2GA – Sean O’M, Luca S, William T
  • 2SS - Alessandro L, Sebastian R, Harriet W-B
  • 1AG – Grace J, Neev S, Naina S
  • 1JH – Sahibzada S, Ella W
  • Reception E – Benjamin C, Bella H
  • Reception P – Tommy O’C, Yatharth S
  • Ladybirds – Henry M, Monty M
  • Bees – Joseph C-P, Olivia T
After reading Julia Donaldson’s story ‘Stickman’, the Bees went on a walk to collect leaves and sticks to make their own stick families. The Ladybirds did some bubble painting, played together in the teddy bears picnic small world and experimented with colour mixing by rolling cars through primary colours.
The Reception classes had fun playing in the sun outside - the fishing game was very popular! Today they went on a walk in the Queen's garden and found a huge pile of conkers!
Year 1 practised balancing and walking backwards on the astro and did really well in their maths and spelling lessons.
2GA loved listening to Mrs Amankwah reading Wendel’s Workshop by Chris Riddell outside in the garden and 2SS enjoyed conversations with friends again. Their wall displays are lovely!
3CH had a warm up in their singing lesson with Mr Wilkinson. 3ML described ‘Plop’ from ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ and practised using an atlas in Geography. 3CH played dice games to do with Place Value. Both classes used pastels to create still life drawings. Today ended with some netball in the sunshine.

Visiting Speaker

The visiting speaker programme organised by Mr Wilson got off to a 'magical' start with a talk from an internationally famous magician, Richard Pinner. Winner of the Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year in 2014, Richard demonstrated a couple of tricks and described how his career path has given him opportunities to travel all over the world. As well as performing, he lectures and has created on-stage illusions for some impressive stage productions.

Year 4 visited Home Park Private to learn about river course features in their Geography lesson. This afternoon the girls practised their hockey moves.
This week Year 5 were up in the science lab learning how to use microscopes to look at a variety of plant and animal cells. They got to see some earthworm cells, onion cells, mouth cells, blood cells along with a variety of other plant and animal based cells. They did pair work in French today and tested each other on words for the items in their pencil cases.
Years 7 and 8: badminton and table tennis, Science lessons in the Lab, the Wars of the Roses and an animation of the Battle of Bosworth in the classroom, and Philosophy in the marquee!
The words of a boarder and chorister: " I am sitting here eating my tuck on another very fun Wednesday evening, in which we have played and watched cricket, enjoyed supper outside and toasted marshmallows!" Daniel - Year 8

Monday morning Assembly

Individual Music Tuition

Visiting music teachers teach a full range of orchestral instruments, in addition to piano, voice, guitar, drums, and organ. Music lessons are arranged on a rota basis, limiting disruption to academic lessons. If you would like your child to start to learn an instrument, please obtain a blue music lesson application form from the school office. For more information, please email the Director of Music, james.wilkinson@stgwindsor.org.

Virtual Open Events

This week we held our first virtual open evening for prospective parents to the school. We will be running these on Tuesday evenings until half term. If you have any friends who might be interested in joining one of the meetings, they can register on the Open Events page of our website: https://www.stgwindsor.org/admissions/open-events/.

School Magazine 2018-2019

The production of this magazine was unavoidably delayed, but if you would like a copy of please request one from the School Office and Mrs Butt or Mrs Hope will arrange to send one home with your child. The 2019 - 2020 magazine will be coming very soon!

Wishing the following pupils a very...

Raphaël A, Amaury A, Oliver S, Matilda W, Florence W-B, Annabelle B, Charlotte B, Sanvir Brar, Molly J, Luca S, George G and Tommy H all have their birthdays in the coming week.