Breed-specific Legislation

Breed-specific laws in the US have stirred up a great deal of controversy and proven to be a divisive measure. Legislation forbidding residents from owning pit bulls exists in hundreds of neighborhoods across the country. Pit bulls have been labeled as violent for years, as they were historically bred to be predatory dogs and were brought to America to fight in illegal dog fighting rings. As more incidents of pit bulls lashing out and attacking innocent citizens were popping up on the news, an increasingly negative stereotype has formed around the breed. But many do not agree with the way the breed has been demonized, believing it is the fault of the owners for raising good-natured dogs to be violent and predatory. The rule’s opponents argue that it has not been proven to be effective in any way to make neighborhoods safer, only causing the stigma against the breed to be further perpetuated and punishing owners who have well-trained, well-tempered dogs.


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