Exhibit 3 Self-Study

Method 1 - Notecards

  • In the past, I used to use very few self study practices while preparing for a quiz or a test. Usually, I always just used the tried and true methods of making note cards, re-writing or typing the notes we did in class, or re-doing some homework problems. In my course of study, I have to learn a lot of economics and statistics. So, it is pretty difficult to learn statistics and study graphs using note cards or just reading over and over the material. So, I was kind of forced into using different techniques than what I was used to.
A couple notecards with Agribusiness equations on them

Method 2 - Self-Testing

  • Now, one of my primary and favorite ways to study is doing the practice tests by myself with no notes or anything to go by, then grade myself once I am done. Then of course go learn what I got wrong. I still use note the conventional method of note cards for the classes I can use them in, that is an awesome way to study for anyone.
34/40 points possible using self-testing method

Method 3 - Group Quizzing

  • Another great way of studying and learning which I have just recently acquired is group quizzing. I use this concept whenever I possibly get the chance. It may sound cliche to say that two heads (or more) are are better than one, but when it comes to studying and having to learn and teach yourself tough topics there is no better way. When a small group comes together to work and learn something together it is so much of a more efficient way to learn than just trying to learn it alone. I feel like I'm running in place trying to study alone, and always end up overly frustrated. So, those are a few of the ways I prefer to study now and what works best for me.
HW, Quiz, and Lab Averages using the group quizzing method

Length of Use

  • I have used notecards since middle school, however moving into college I have used them less and less because of the content being studied. I have since taken up self-testing whenever possible, especially in statistics because the professor gives us two different practice exams to work on prior to the exam. So, its been about 2 years since I started using self-testing and I still continue to today. Group quizzing is a relatively new technique which I have started using as I have developed stronger relationships with classmates which are actually serious about their own grades.

Subject results

  • For each subject, my grades have been steadily increasing. In my Money and Banking class I received an 89 on my first exam. Last semester, I dropped that class after the first exam because I did poorly on it. In my Statistics class, I received a lower exam grade than previous semesters; however, my homework and quiz average is higher than previous times because of the group quizzing technique discussed above. In my Agribusiness class we have yet to have an exam but we are having a midterm this week. I'm excited to use several studying techniques and anticipate getting a pretty good grade back. I have a 100 in my environmental natural resources class. And I'm working hard on this portfolio in an attempt to maintain a good grade in CU1010 as well.


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