Number the Stars Book Diary By gabby


I think that war is scary. It's very brutal and intense and fighting for what you think is best. I think you have to be very aware of you're surroundings and it's like you can .

In world war ll, people in those countries probally where scared they could not leave there house they where held in there house for there safty


My neighbors are just people I live next two exept for my grandma. Because I really don't see them outside that alot and they never tried to talk to us.

I would hide with my family or we would probally move away. I would help my neighbors if i had time but i would go with my family first.

Number the Stars

I think that Number the Stars is about the holocaust with hitler and the gews. What it was like for the gews during the holocaust and what they had to go through.

Literary Analysis

1)At the end of chapter 3 Annemarie felt nervouse and unsure about everything. She was trying to make herself belive that she would never have to do something so brave or die for someone else. 2) In chapter 5 her feelings were different she stood up for ellen and broke off her neclese to save her life and in chapter 3 she thought she would never have to do something like that. So she had to change her mind about howshe felt in chapter 3 to save her best friends life. 3) The star of david imprinted on Annemarie's hand is important because the star of david is a symble of Ellen. If it's on Annemarie's hand and that means alot because she is very brave for doing that because the soldiers are trying to find all the jewish people and if they see her with the star of david on her hand they might take her away. So if she get's caught she will be risking her life for Ellen.

"well" annemarie said slowly. "now I think that all of denmark must be bodygaurds for the Jews,as well ".(page 25)

If Denmark was acting like bodygaurds for the Jews I think they might look like alot of non Jew people surrounding the Jews shops so that german soldiers could not shut them down. I also think that people would only buy or buy most thing from the jewish stores. The people might make sighns to not shut all the things down for Jews. The people will fight back but without harming or trying to start a war with the Germans.


We just read chapter 8 and chapter 9 from number the stars. Therefore I think that anemaries dad died because all of Anemaries family is acting weird and they havent tslked to him for a while. Also that he was still in Copehangen and he was near alot of the british soldiers.

We just read chapter 12 and 11 in Number the stars and Annemarie's mom came back from taking Rosinss to the boat but she broke her ankle and she forgot to take a very important thing. Annemarie had to take it to the Rosiess and she has to hide the secret message from the soldiers if they see her. So she took a basket and put the secret message in the bottom and covered it with brad, chess and food. Her backup story was that she is taking a very forgetful fisherman his lunch. therefore I predict that when Annemarie takes the basket of the food with the secret message to her uncle Henrick. The soldiers will find her and ask her for the basket, or they will try to look through her basket. Another thing is that uncle Henrick could not be there in time.


Man vs man

(Pg.47) Papa stepped forward. "Don't speak to my wife in such a way.Let go of my daughter or I will report you for such treatment."

The characters learned from that conflict that papa dose not like that the german soldiers touching Ellen who's pretending to be his daughter. Also he does not like it when people say bad thing about his wife.

This conflict represents this picture because two people are fighting or disagreeing with each other.

Man vs Nature

I chose this picture because it's a tree in nature but also Mama tripped over a tree root as well.

(Pg 102) " Can you believe it? I was very nearly here here well, maybe just halfway -- when I tripped over a root and went sprawling.

My character learned from this conflict that don't get to exited in the middle of something and go to fast that you will mess up.

This example is Man vs Nature because Mama is running and she tripped over a tree root and got hurt and that made a conflict for her to get home to her girls.

Man vs self

I chose this picture because it's the same person and the other people who are him could be his congest

(Pg.45) " Hold still" Annemarie commanded. " This will hurt". She grabbed the little gold chain, yanked with all the strength, and broke it.

The characters learned from that conflict that each other will do anything for each other.

I know this example is Man vs Man because Annemarie had to chose by her self to take of Ellen's necklace or to leave it on her.

Man vs Society

(pg.55) One of the soldiers looked down with a bored expression on his face. "Where are you going?" he asked "Gilleleje", Mama replied calmly.

The charecters learned from this conflict that when the German soldiers come up to you to be calm and they won't be suspicious.

This conflict relates to man vs society because Mama was talking to more than one soldier and they where trying to see where she was going to see if she was Jewish


Don't take you're friends or family for granted

What this theme means to me is that you should not take you're friends or family for granted because if you lose them you will be sad and you should be as kind as you can be to them. Some days you might be made at them and wish you guys were not related or friends but one day if they leave or they are gone you will wish you never did that. Also someone else in the world best fiend may be moving and they would love to be in you' feet having there best friend.

In the book number the stars a it relates to my theme when Annemarie had to say goodbye to her best friend Ellen, so her friend and her family would be safe from the German soldiers. Also how when they where racing Ellen could have left Annemarie with the German soldiers but she stayed with her and did not leave her by herself with Kirsty.

Vocabulary words

Lanky & stocky

"She was a stocky ten-year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie." (page 1)

Based on this sentence I think stocky means a heavy- set person, I would think lanky means tall.

Lanky: Tall and skinny- Stocky: Big and thick built

Suffix: -y, relating to or filled with; Other words: messy, cheesy, lucky


"But Annemarie heard mama and papa talk, sometimes a night, about the news they recived that way: news sabotage against the Nazis, bombs hidden and exploded in the factories that produced war materials, and industrial railroad lines damaged so that the goods could not be transported." (page 8)

Based on this sentence I think sabotage means to destroy something.

Sabotage: To ruin or destroy something on purpose


"Stand still, Kristi, Annemarie ordered silently, praying that somehow the obstiate five-year-old would receive the message." (page 4)

Based on this sentence I thnk that obstinate means to calm down.

Obsinate- Stubborn


"Wait for me!" wailed little Kirsti, left behind, but the two older girls weren't listening." (page 2)

Based on this sentence I think that wailed means to shout or beg.

Wailed- To scream or cry loudly


"Three years, Annemarie thought with contemt." ((Page 3)

Based on this sentence I think that contemt means excitment.

Contempt- Disgust or disapproval


Pg 39 "Ellen stood on tiptoe again again, and made a imperious gesture with her arm" I am the Dark Queen," she intoned dramatically.

She used the word Imperious as to show she is in control and is in power.

Imperious: A dominate leader who abuses power


(Pg 49) " Annemarie relaxed the clenched fingers of her right hand, witch still clutched in Ellen's necklace. She looked down, and saw the Star of David imprinted into her hand.

They used they word imprint to tell that there was in outline in her hand of the Star of David.

Imprint: To leave a mark in something


(pg 50) "Annemarie and Ellen both smiled tentatively."

They used the word tentatively as they knew they did something wrong or they are not sure if they got in trouble or not.

Tentative: unsure, nervouse


(Pg.39) " I should go to acting school." Ellen stood on tiptoe, again and made a imperious gesture with her arm".

I think that they used the word imperious so that it makes her


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