Helmut Newton Samantha LAwrence

Jodi Foster, Hollywood, 1987
After Dinner, Paris, 1977

Education, Training, and Influences

Neustädter's first camera was a Kodak Brownie that he purchased at the age of 12 with hopes of traveling the world. His parents arranged an apprenticeship with a society photographer by the name of Madame Yva when Neustädter was 16. This is where he saw his first lingerie shoot that, unknowingly, set the path for the rest of his career.

After fleeing Nazi Germany, being in internment in Australia for two years, and being in the Australian Army for the three year remainder of World War II, Neustädter stayed in Australia where he gained citizenship and changed his last name to Newton.

Newton still felt as if photography was his calling and opened a photo studio in Melbourne. He had partnerships with multiple people, but they were short because of his growing reputation.

His Career

Newton got his start taking provocative black and white photographs for Vogue. He was given a 12-month contract with British Vogue. He didn't finish it, and moved to Paris to work for various magazines, but eventually got a contract with Australian Vogue. He then moved back to Melbourne only to move back to Paris to work for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. This is where he developed his eroticism.

In the 80's, he took many pictures of models. The models he preferred were the big types, "built like truckers" as he explained them. With inspiration from them, he started a project called "Big Nudes". The women were photographed in nothing but high heels and a blank set.

"Synonymous with Vogue at its most glamorous and mythic...He loves to be outrageous...Unbelievably influential..." - Anna Wintour

Claim to Fame

Newton was dubbed as the King of Kink for his provocative photos during Big Nudes, which evoked the strength of women. He also took pictures of women in orthopedic body braces, which influenced Tom Ford to create a line of jewelry. He influenced countless photographers and fashion designers.

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