Wildlife Portraits

This is a Red-shouldered Hawk who decided to pose for me at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge in Willows, CA. Normally, hawks would fly away when someone is approaching, but on this day, he was scouting out his next meal, and tolerated me clicking away.
This is a juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk. He was about 30 feet up a tree stretching during a windy day at the Sacramento Wildlife Refuge
I found this egret in an irrigation channel at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge near Willows, CA. He was really focused on looking for some lunch.
This male California Ring-neck Pheasant was out in the summer reeds of the Colusa National Wildlife Refuge outside of Williams, CA He was walking all over the refuge crowing to alert females to his presence.
This is an Anna Hummingbird taking a rest among the reeds in the marsh inside the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge.
This Red-headed Woodpecker was very busy filling the tree with acorns for winter meals.
The Pink Flamingos were eating their afternoon snack at the Sacramento Zoo. I used Topaz Impression 2 for the drawing effect.
This is an Inca Tern inside the Parker Aviary at the San Diego Zoo. The zoo keeps the climate inside the aviary as close to a South American tropical environment as possible.
This Orangatang at the San Diego Zoo was just chillin as younger ones tried to distract him.

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