Florida Museum of Natural History By: Scott Aronson

Nature on Display

One exhibit I found spectacular was the marine life section. Once I walked into the tunnel like area I seemed to be transported deep to the bottom of the sea. I saw a giant fish staring me right in the eye, as if I was its next prey. A colossal crab to my left seemed to throw his claws up in celebration! I felt a better grasp the environment of these beautiful creatures through this medium of display. Being able to learn about such a wide variety of topics in one building made the museum a most enjoyable experience.

Nature and Ethics

While I was in an air conditioned room, looking at artificial sculptures of nature, I felt no connection or responsibility toward nature such as Leopold suggested. I was intrigued by the facts laid out so nicely for me and felt an interest in the topics portrayed. I felt an atmosphere of learning and silence. It seemed most other people at the museum were parents escorting their children, trying to instill a sense of history and knowledge upon their tiny children's heads. The children would sometimes run up to an exhibit they found interesting and stare at it. The parents seemed all more interested in their children then the information presented in front of them. I feel the museum does not give visitors the ability to connect with nature. That would best be done in real nature, like on a mountain or something.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Through displaying things that once existed, such as this skeleton of a giant sloth, the museum reminds us of our temporal existence on this old planet. Visiting this museum is more then just an opportunity to learn about the past, but an opportunity to learn about ourselves and where we came from. This place inspires your thoughts to the mysteries of the world and our existence on it. As I saw things I could never dream of, I wondered what other possibilities lie just in front of us. Who knows what we will discover tomorrow? I guess time can only tell.

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