Drones in the 21st Century how drone use has impacted modern technology

The History of Drones in the U.S.

Drones originated in the military, making their debut to society in World War II in order to target German bunkers in what was known as Operation Anvil.

Drones were used in war times only and were developed when the United States needed to advance wartime technology. It was only after the terrorist attacks of September 11 did the country decide to use these drones for regular military operations.

Today, drones are used in military operations, but also but the public. In 2014 Amazon asked the federal government for a lift on drone usage so they could use drones as form of delivery service. Even small drones can be operated by smartphones for technology enthusiasts to race. A new form of photography, the 360 degree video, has also been born from drones. Drones have integrated their way into the average human life. (Mashable, 2014).

An aerial view of a field, shot using a camera placed on a drone. Images like this cover the internet. Modern photographers and videographers are learning to use this technology to improve their content.

Drones Will Now Impact the Daily Life of Man

Drone talk can be scary, especially when you consider the dictionary definition of drone.

Drone: (n). drone; plural noun: drones

1. a low continuous humming sound.

2. a monotonous speech

3. a remote-controlled pilotless aircraft or missile.

The third definition is the definition that most fits our modern conception of drones. Drones can be used for play, for sport, for service or even to see a bigger picture.

Drones used in modern technology.

When Amazon announced that they would be using drones for Prime Air deliveries, many panicked. The idea that a drone would be flying around to deliver our packages seemed out of conception.

But Amazon still moved forward with the idea.

And there is a reason why.

In an interview with Time magazine Paul Misener, Amazon’s vice president for global public policy, said that he believes drones are the "delivery trucks of the future." Evidence hasn't proven otherwise. (Eadicicco, 2016)

In this short film, YouTube creator Sawyer Hartman created a video of Hawaii with such pristine footage that it received over one million views. (Hartman, 2016)

Drones are a way to make lives simpler. If a package from Amazon can be delivered in minutes rather than days, why wouldn't any consumer take part in this? (Eadicicco, 2016)

And based on the amount of results that yield on YouTube just by typing in "drone footage," you can see that people aren't afraid. They are embracing the beauty of practical drone technology.

In addition to military-grade drones, drones are now used by photographers and filmmakers alike to create stunning images of landscape and the world around us.

Modern Issues With Drone Technology

Drones seem fantastic, and they really can be. The issue that lies within, though, is military, air and security regulations. And these are all legitimate concerns. Drones take air space, and with that we need to be cautious of how who is flying their devices where and when.

Drones can also cause environmental and personal damages if they fly off course and hit an animal or something belonging to a person.

We must also consider how we regulate the space that is in the air. How do we ensure that every drone flyer is treated fairly and that they are operating safely, as we do on the road?


Drone technology is at the cusp of our future. We can already see how drones for human use are going to positively impact our future through means of entertainment and convenience. First, though we must address how to regulate drone use and how to ensure safety in a world of flying drones.


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