Urban Planning Project Coby Smith

In the fist week, we went over types of land use as well as how we would apply this to the layout of our city. We brainstormed types of buildings and businesses whose functions would contribute to each kind of land use. We then created a map based on the ideas. I feel we are in a good place at the moment. We have a good grip on what we want to do and the functionality of the city, as far as the blueprints go, is there as well.

The second week, we entered Minecraft to begin the construction of our city. First, we decided we wanted to use the desert biome that already had a small river going through it. It would make it easy to start our city. My contributions so far have varied. Firstly, several members of the team and I expanded the river going through the city so it took up the space we needed it to. Second, Jordan and I created dams at either end of the river so we could easily continue off of them and create our city's boundaries. Now, I am creating an apartment building and other residencies where needed. After I finished the residence, I started making the basic roadway for the city.

In the third week we continued construction over our city. We made several buildings including a police station, restaurants, and a park. I am finishing the hospital and a parking lot off of it as I continued to make the road. Finally, we have made our city barrier. As I am completing the hospital I am also going to assist in landscaping. Mu of our desert terrain is much lower or higher than other areas so we have to make sure it is flat to build on. I did run into some trouble when an Ender Dragon mysteriously appeared inside of the hospital, but repairs were made.

Damage after Ender Dragon attack

The third week we were asked to begin outlining key structures in our city. I felt we accomplished this very well. I helped to outline the prison and then marked off a large area for the theme park.

After I completed the area for the theme park, I began construction of the subway system. This will ore than likely take most of my time here on in. It will go across the world in multiple directions so it will require a lot of construction to be functional.

So far in our world, Jimboland, I was responsible for several things: Widening river/landscaping, completing apartment buildings, building a hospital, expanding the road system, creating parking lots, re-building said hospital, lining put area for both the prison and the theme park, creating several subway tunnels to and throughout the city.

Our scenario in Minecraft was that two neighboring cities were now at war. We had to decide what to do in this situation. We decided that it would be risky to declare support or get involved. We decided to remain completely neutral. However, we would take in refugees from the war who needed help.

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