The Lindbergh baby kidnapping WHEN JUSTICE CHANGED ALL

Intro/Thesis statement:

The Lindbergh Kidnapping was the "crime of the century" in the 1930's. The kidnapping forever changed American criminal procedure.


The crime took over four years to solve. It brought citizens together like nothing else of its kind had done before. Charles Lindbergh was an American aviator, born on February 4 1902, in Detroit. He studied at the University of Wisconsin and later enlisted to the United States Army. Charles wanted to be an Army Air Service Reserve pilot. In 1925 he graduated from the flight Army school and was the best pilot in his class. The US government assigned him to fly to Latin American countries in December 1927. While he was in Mexico he met Anne Spencer Morrow. They married in 1929. Charles And Anne had a son on June 22, 1930 they named him, Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr.


.On March 1st 1932 in the Lindbergh mansion located in Hopewell New Jersey, On the second floor in the nursery room. Charles Jr the 20-month-old baby was kidnapped at 9:00 pm. The kidnapper used a ladder to get to the second floor. He left muddy footprints on the floor yet no fingerprints were found. The FBI later found a note demanding $50,000 in the next few days the kidnapper left 12 more notes demanding more money. Charles Jr was found on May 12 1932. 72 days after the kidnapping , in a shallow grave by the Lindbergh's home. He was found dead and was predicted to have died on the night of the kidnapping as a result of a fractured skull. Bruno Richard Hauptmann was arrested on September 19, 1934. $10 gold certificate from the Lindbergh ransom money with a license plate number written on it was discovered at a local bank. The bank contacted the police right away. A couple hours later, the license plate number matched Bruno Hauptmann's vehicle. The trial began on January 3, 1935. He was charged with first degree murder, then later was told he was going to be executed. On April 3rd, 1936 Bruno was executed.

How did this change Law/Culture?

The Lindbergh Kidnapping was known for the Crime of the Century. This crime took over the whole nation, Almost every city and state were talking about it. Radio stations were on all morning talking about the crime and their thoughts on it. There were over 700 reporters in Hopewell New Jersey interviewing people who lived close to the family or people who knew about the crime. Newspapers were sold rapidly. The community started selling models of the ladder that the murderer used the day of the kidnapping. They also started selling papers that were signed by the Lindbergh family. On June 17, 1932 the United States Congress passed the Lindbergh law.

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