Amaryllis - the hidden beauty.

by Chris Osborne.

Found myself in Penzance on Christmas Eve, looking to buy a couple of last minute presents. Spotted a flower stall at the top end of Wharfeside, that should solve one of the present problems.

An Amaryllis in a pot, just the job. When I went to buy the plant the stall holder, sensing a good opportunity offered all the four remaining Amaryllis for £10. Full of Christmas spirit I accepted and headed back to the car feeling rather pleased with myself.

"Wiser coming home from market than going" on getting home took a more measured look at my "bargain". Wrap the best one in Christmas paper, job done, of the three left one of them looks very ragged, damaged tip, nasty split in the stem, just as well dump this one.

A month on well things look different. One got so tall it kept falling over, one needed staking to stop it suffering a similar fate, but the one I didn't get around to throwing away, well it is sporting three magnificent blooms happily supported on a split stem!

The parallels concerning what things and people look like on the outside, and what can blossom from the inside are too obvious to mention, or are they. Do we really take the time, to have the patience to wait and see what might blossom? It is far too easy to make the quick decision.

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