Randy & Kristine Bring it Home - Madison, Minnesota

“We could not be more thankful for the community we live in! Madison and our coworkers at LqPV have been very welcoming over the years. The small community feels like a family.”

Randy and Kristine Reszel found a home in the Madison community, moving from the Twin Cities area in 2013, to start their careers at the Lac qui Parle Valley School District. Kristine teaches 7th – 9th grade science, while Randy teaches 7th – 8th grade social studies.

After renting a place in Madison to live for a year, though wanting to take advantage of the open spaces western Minnesota has to offer, they decided to purchase a home out in the country so their kids could run freely. Those kids are Taylor, a kindergartener at Madison Milan Nassau Elementary, Grant, a preschooler, and one-year-old, Walker, who spends his days at Little Eagles Daycare.

In fact, their kids have all enjoyed the Little Eagles Daycare at some point—mom and dad appreciate the reliability of the center and the educational learning opportunities offered.

“We couldn’t have picked a better place to raise our kids.”

Randy and Kristine say there are many perks of watching their kids grow up in rural Madison. They enjoy the safe, small town feel, living out in the country, teaching their kids a sense of responsibility that comes with taking care of the land they own. Yet, they are only a few miles away from all of the town's amenities - especially the city's numerous parks where they spend a lot of their time at!

Madison may be smaller than the towns they grew up in, but there is definitely no shortage of activities to partake in and groups to be involved in. Some of their favorite events to attend as a family are the Eagles sporting events along with the Madison Mallards, supporting their students outside of the classroom has become important to the Reszels. They also enjoy supporting small businesses—their favorite way to do so is by eating out at local restaurants.

“We feel much safer raising our family in the Madison community. We also love the convenience of outdoor activities; Randy is a big hunter & fisherman. There are many conveniences of living in the metro, and we’ve experienced them firsthand, but the pros of small-town Minnesota outweigh what the metro has to offer for us.”

“Madison is a friendly community that takes pride in what we have here. Everyone is supportive of others. We love being able to raise our kids here where they can see all that firsthand.”

While Madison has no doubt been a change of pace from where they grew up, they say that is one of the biggest benefits of living rural as opposed to living in a metro area—just to name a few. And some of those pros that small-town Minnesota has offered them that they are most grateful for is the financial freedom to own more property for their family, the friendly and supporting community, and the convenience of outdoor activities.

The Reszels are happy they made the move to Madison, happy to raise their family in a community that always makes them feel like family.

Madison, Minnesota - Welcomes you HOME!

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