Pax Sara PennyPacker

Kindness and compassion from others is needed for survival.

When Foxes help each other survive they will succeed.

Through out the book Pax by Sara Pennypacker there is kindness to most of the characters. Some of them help each other, but some don't. For example when Peter slept at the Vola's barn without knowing what would happen he did it. When he woke up Vola helped him. She feed him and helped him bind his leg. According to the text, Vola had three conditions. After Peter was done with them Vola helped him get ready to find Pax. Pax also got help from someone else. Bristle is a vixen and she helped Pax survive in the wild. According to the text Bristle taught him how to hunt for his own food. Runt was another character that got help. According to the text, Runt followed Pax and Bristle into the field with land mines and got his leg blown off by one. Pax helped clean his would and got food for Bristle and Runt.

In the book "Pax" by Sara Pennypacker there are many symbols. One of them is the phoenix. The phoenix stands for a new beginning or change. According to the text, a phoenix dies somewhere in the world and then it is reborn as a baby from its own ashes. When a phoenix is reborn it stands for a new beginning. This supports the theme because when people are mean to others or they did something bad they can change and become someone else.

In the book "Pax" Peter changes in Many ways. One way is that he isn't selfish anymore.

"You going back for your home or your pet?" "They're the same thing."

This is what Peter is going back for. His house and his fox.

This quote means that Peter loves his home and his fox so much Peter is going back for them no matter what happens. Even with a broken leg Peter goes back for them.

Pax is a great character in the story and he is also someone you should be like if someone is hurt or is in trouble.

"You may be on your own. But you won't be alone."

This picture is a boy in the woods by himself.

This quote means when someone is alone and they have someone who loves them they aren't alone because they can feel that the people will be waiting for him or her to go back home.


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