Sixth Form - IB Diploma Laude Newton College 2017-2019

Welcome to the future of education

Created by a group of teachers in the 1960s, the Diploma is an extensive, flexible, and stimulating curriculum recognised around the world, which helps students develop all necessary skills to succeed in university and adult life.

In order to live in a connected and globalised world in the 21st century, we need critical thinking skills and an international mindset. The education provided by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) prepares students so that they learn to recognise and understand such needs.

The education of the future

15 years of experience delivering the programme in our school

Newton College was one of the pioneering schools in Spain, and now 93 public and private schools are implementing it.

IB Diploma in figures... 1.3 million graduates, 2700 schools, 145 countries in the world are offering the programme


Important: a minimum number of students, set by the school, will be required to open each subject.

What does the Diploma programme provide our students with?

Linguistic acquisition and development

Crossdisciplinary and reflective learning, critical thinking

Flexibility in the choice of a personal study programme

Efficient planning and organisation, work self-management

Motivation and encouragement

Research and collaboration

Intercultural awareness

Transfer of skills and knowledge to real world contexts

Creative experiences of action and service

Contact with students around the world through the IB alumni network

The IB offers all students revision and reviewing on-line and on-site courses, academic blogs, access to previous exams, own social networks for students and teachers, and access to the "IB students registry" portal which connnects IB students with universities around the world.


Small classes, independent learning, free periods for study, completion of assignments, group projects...

Assessment: variety and rigour

Internal assessment assignments (20-50% of the final grade) and external exams (2-3 exams per subject) taken in school at the end of the second year of the programme.

Two-year programme assessed between 1 and 7 points for each of the subjects

Final grade: 45 points scale (3 points for KT and Essay), the passing grade is 24 points

3 additional points might be obtained thanks to the marks in Essay and KT

World university

ACCESS TO UNIVERSITY: An important decision

SPANISH UNIVERSITY: Thanks to a resolution by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, published in the BOE 167 on 10th July, 2010, the Diploma is academically equivalent to the Spanish title of bachillerato

Through a new collaboration agreement signed with the UNED, students can access Spanish universities with their Diploma grade through accreditation or certificate, with a recognition of their subjects by means of a grade equivalency system


General stage of the University Entrance Exam (PAU): the grade will be recognised by means of the following chart and will award students a maximum of 10 points in the Spanish education system

The equivalency with the Spanish scale for each score obtained in each of the IB Diploma subjects is the following:

• The final score for admission will be the average of the grades in the six courses completed by the student, according to the groups of subjects established in the IB Diploma Programme, taking the equivalency chart into account .

The admission grade for universities: Ce1+Ce2+Ce3+Ce4+Ce5+Ce6/6. This means that a student who has obtained a score of 24 points (minimum score to pass the IB) will be awarded a 7 out of 10 after the application of the formula.

Specific stage: Students in the International Baccalaureate Diploma can choose between 2 alternatives from this year onwards:

a) To recognise 2 of the required subjects as specific to the university, taking into account the equivalency chart.

b) To take the specific PAU tests by UNED.

Furthermore, they will be allowed to choose the highest mark for each option. For example, they could choose to recognise one subject from the Diploma and one subject from the specific PAU to complete their certificate.

National and International recognition

Important private universities in Spain allow direct access (without specific stage) for Diploma students: BES La Salle University- Barcelona, ESADE Bussiness Schools, IE Universidad- Madrid, Universidad Católica San Antonio UCAM- Murcia, Universidad Católica San Antonio UCAM- Murcia, Universidad europea de Madrid-Barcelona, Universidad de Deusto-Bilbao, Universidad de Navarra, Universidad La florida- Valencia.


The IB Diploma is one of the most highly regarded programes and is highly valued by the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom and USA.

Universities such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge have established specific admission criteria for IB students

Research studies suggest that students are academically more adapted to the rigour and expectations of university courses.

Universities where our IB students are currently studying...

  • King´s College (London, UK)
  • Digipen (Bilbao, Spain)
  • Emory University (Atlanta, USA)
  • Universidad Europea (Madrid, Spain)
  • University of York (UK)
  • Escuela de cocina Luis Irizar (San Sebastian, Spain)
  • Limestone College (South Carolina, USA)

If you want to know more about the IB...

Additional programmes which enrich the learning experience in LNC





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