Digital Photography By: Kylie Marron

Abstract Photo #1 - This first picture is a photograph of some sort of vent in the LRC next to the window. I liked the different shapes so I focused the shot on more of the inside dusty, rustic mechanics of the vent. I diluted some of the color, and also sharpened the picture a little bit. I think this is my favorite abstract picture I took.
Abstract Photo #2 - This is a photograph of a loop from the drying rack in the art room. Again, like the picture above, I liked the rustic, dirty look of this metal object, so I mainly focused on the colors from the pain left on the metal. I also liked how you could see through the object to a blurred background. While editing the picture, I softened the edges of the photo, I altered the temperature of the colors.
Abstract Photo #2 - My last abstract picture is of a paint stained smock from the art room also. I liked the bright colors on the cool plain blue smock, with also the texture of the fabric showing. To edit, I made the colors stand out a bit more some sort of brightening filter. The only other changes I made to this picture was cropping out a small portion of the unwanted plain blue fabric, but I kept the bright yellow and pink splotches in the picture.
Documentary Photo #1 - This documentary picture was very happy to me and I liked the smile on Mr. Mengarelli's face here. I came and took a silly picture of him eating lunch at his desk. I brightened the colors, focused on his face, and added a white border to add more of a happy affect to this picture.
Documentary Photo #2 - This picture was taken of a fifth grade student in Mr. Marchinski's class. The class was all scattered around the room reading books silently and I saw this little boy reading on the floor by the trash can, and he was not upset, but I just thought of this as a very setting for a more sad picture. I made the picture black and white to add more of a sad effect. I sharpened and focused the image on the little boy. Lastly, opposite the picture before this, I made the border a darker black color instead of white. I like the dramatic look of this picture.
Documentary Photo #3 - While Faten and I were walking around the school to take pictures, we saw Emily Mejia in the hallway. While both of the two girls were talking together, I liked the idea of photographing another happy scene of them. I altered the colors a bit in the picture, and I sharpened and focused the picture.
Texture Photo #1 - This is a photograph of some sort of an orange sport net that I had found in the equipment closet next to the gym. I took this picture with flash, and i liked the kind of spiderweb texture look this photo showed. It has a good contrast of a dark background and a bright orange object in the focus. I made the colors change more while editing to make the net stand out.
Texture Photo #2 - This is also another picture of a group of wiffle balls in the gym. I liked the holes and cracks in the balls when I took the picture. I liked that the background of this picture is just more wiffle balls. I faded some of the color and focused more on the texture of the scratched playing balls.
Texture Photo #3 - This is a picture of the Gower Gladiator welcome shoe mat by door 6. I wanted to use this photo because of the bumpy rubber look. I changed the colors and focused the picture when editing.
Advertising Photo #1 - This is one of my favorite pictures that I had taken this quarter, but it took a lot of time for editing this photo. I advertised a necklace of mine and cropped 2 pictures together. One of the pictures is of the necklace on a background of the faded red counter in the art room. The other photo shown on the right is a picture of Jaylah Mickle modeling the necklace to see the length of the chain and how it would look on a person. I edited the two picture separately and then put them together in Picmonkey. I also added the company logo of "Bella Cosa Jewelry."
Advertising Photo #2 - I took this picture of a water bottle I had and used two pieces of plain white board like paper for the background. I held the water bottle in the position that I wanted it in, and the rest of the picture is all editing. It took me several days to edit all of those blue stars into a shape of water looking like it is spilling out of the bottle onto the logo of "Aquafina Water."
Advertising Photo #3 - This last picture is a picture of a basketball placed in the old gym for a background. This picture was originally taken for a photo challenge we had one Friday, but I decided to use it for this project also modeling a basketball company. I made the focus on the orange basketball and made the rest of the background black and white. I added the company logo in the corner of "Wilson." I really enjoyed this advertising project with all the editing in the computer lab and having to use models.
Portait Photo #1 - This assignment was also one of my favorites to photograph people. I like seeing the emotions on their faces. We were required to have 1 of our 3 pictures to be of a teacher, so I chose Mr. Hey to be my model. I thought this picture of him smiling showed his funny personality. I added more color, and reduced the glare from his glasses with a special Picmonkey feature.
Portrait Photo #2 - One of the two students I had photographed for this assignment was Faten Huzien who was also in this digital photography class with me. I used a door as the plain background. I changed the colors to a faded black and white but containing some of the original colors. I focused and sharpened the picture. Lastly I used a special feature on Picmonkey to enhance her features, like whitening her teeth.
Portrait Photo #3 - This photo is of my friend Cece Terrell. I brightened the picture. I added the effect of the "sparkle" because I thought it fit well with Cece's dress in the picture and matched her fun personality. This is one of my favorite pictures I had taken this quarter.
Reflection Photo #1 - This is a picture of the gym floor with the image of a basketball hoop being shown on the mirror in the middle of the picture. I sharpened the image, even though you can still see all the scratches on the mirror, changed the colors, and added a dark shadow boarder for effect to the image.
Reflection Photo #2 - This reflection picture was also taken in the old gym, but this time you can see an image of the American flag. To edit this picture I added brighter colors, and cropped some of the background out of the shot.
Reflection Photo #3 - This is a picture I had taken in the cafeteria by the windows where the colorful tissue paper stars hung. I used one of the green wrestling mats as a background. I darkened the mat in the back so that the bright stars would stand out in the reflection. No other effect was added. ..
Perspective Photo #1 - This is a picture taken in the hallway by Mr. Hey's room, and inbetween the two gyms. Students: Jaylah Mickle, Brynn Larson and Sofija Buzelis are standing further back towards the wall posing like they are falling, while Christina Shenouda is closer to the camera holding her hand in a position where it looks like the other three girls are sitting (more like falling) on her hand. This gives a cool, fun affect to the picture when playing around with the distances, and views from the camera. I did not editing here.
Perspective Photo #2 - Sofija Buzelis was in the is photo also, posing agains the wall making it look like she is sitting up straight looking at her phone, but if you look closely you would be able to see that she is laying down on the floor and her legs are on the wall. The camera makes the image look like she is sitting on the wall. I brightened the colors, and focused the camera for this picture.
Perspective Photo #3 - Christina Shenouda is posing in this picture far down the hallway like she is taking a shower, while a flower I am holding is up closer, looking bigger, and making it seem like she is taking a shower with the flower. It is a comedic picture. I brightened the coors, added a white boarder to make the picture happy and pretty to fit with the flower, and I also added a sparkle to make it look like it is beautiful flowing onto Christina from the flower.
Magazine Cover - I am very proud of my magazine project that I completed this quarter. I had taken a picture of student Christina Shenouda sitting in front of a table in the art room like a desk, in front of a black piece of fabric hung from the white board in the art room for a plain background. I created a magazine brand name, and 8 article titles for the cover. I made the text all different fun fonts and colors to stand out from the background. I added a barcode, and publication information int he bottom left-hand corner also. Finally, I included 2 small pictures that went along with 2 article titles to add more of an effect to my magazine cover. This project took several days of editing to complete, but it was a lot of fun in this class. This was my favorite activity we did in Digital Photography class.

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