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Forward. Together: A reflection on the first half of 2021 through the development lens

by Vera Hakim, UNDP Maldives Resident Representative ad interim

Together, over the past year and a half, we have been making our way through a very difficult time. We are not out of the woods yet from the COVID-19 crisis, but I am glad to say that the outlook is bright: recovery is gathering strength. However, as new variants mutate, we need to remain we must remain constantly vigilant and adapt and become resilient and adaptable.

It is with this positive mindset that UNDP continues our work here in the Maldives, as it’s doing across the globe. It is time to make real progress.


Blue and Circular Economy

Livelihoods recovery and food security

UNDP is supporting 250 farmers (100 women) from Laamu Atoll by introducing the contract farming model, as well as 48 women and men in urban gardening. At least 10 cold storages with a first-ever low-carbon pilot model being introduced.

Prototyping a sustainable local tourism model

to promote community-based tourism development: ensuring greater dividends to nature and communities and providing increased opportunities, benefiting at least 100 women entrepreneurs as well as youth. Introducing a Blue Seal Certification for guesthouses.

Promote the SIDS Climate Agenda

Improving Water Security

Rainwater Harvesting Systems handed over to 8 islands, providing an additional 150 tonnes of water storage for the communities.

‘Cool Move’: Maldives becomes first to quit HCFC

A successful partnership under the HCFC Phase-out Management Plan and the Fisheries Demonstration project in the Maldives by UNDP and partners, resulting in the early achievement of the HCFC phase-out 10 years ahead of target.

Promote Rule of Law

Digitalization of the justice sector to facilitate vital judicial services work remotely and increase access to justice for communities

Since the onset of the pandemic, UNDP has provided digitalization equipment to courts and key justice sector stakeholders. To date, more than 11,000 online hearings were facilitated by the Judiciary with these new technological solutions in place.

Judicial education for better, fairer and more equal access to justice for all

Promoting legal and judicial knowledge in the country, through continuous learning and trainings for judges and staff of the Judiciary to enhance their knowledge, academic capacity, and professional skills.

Civil service policy reform

Foresight session with Civil Service Commission and all the Permanent Secretaries across ministries.

Accelerating Youth and Women's Empowerment

Inclusive Development

All 199 councils trained on the revised gender-based local planning methodology developed with UNDP support. We launched a Development Planning Handbook for Community Development. We are supporting in developing Political Party Gender Action Plans, as well as providing templates and practical guidance for political parties. UNDP is also assisting with training for Youth Wings and Women’s Wings of political parties.

Women in Public Life

The virtual ‘Kiyeveni' training portal launched, to provide capability development opportunities, especially for women from across the Maldives to increase their participation in the political sphere

Empowering MSMEs

10 staff of Business Center Corporation, the national SME development corporation, completed the SME certification by the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (AASBC). A co-shared kitchen, co-working space, and an ‘Authentic Maldives’ online shopping site have been completed. The third shop of Authentic Maldives to promote ‘Made in Maldives’ brand opened.

Youth as Changemakers

Youth work survey conducted, and a learning tool is being developed to support youth employment. Youth Vision art handbook was officialized, promoting creative economy and artist entrepreneurship in COVID-19 recovery.

Accelerating Innovation

UNDP Maldives launches its Accelerator Lab! Aims to become the country's innovation hub for doing development differently and provide national partners with a set of new services to better tackle complex sustainable development problems, such as the Future of Work. The Lab also launched its very first virtual Solutions Safari at the launch, which is an exercise to map local solutions and local innovators across the country.

Social Cohesion

Strengthening the role of educators

A two-day webinar for senior educators in the Maldives focused on the role of educators in promoting social cohesion and preventing violent extremism.

Research partnership

UNDP Maldives commenced a research partnership with the Maldives National University to undertake a research titled “A Comprehensive Research on Socio-economic Grievances, Tension and Conflict in the Maldives”.

Campaigns for digital peace

Young creators, changemakers, and connectors from Sri Lanka and the Maldives successfully completed the “United Creatives” programme.

SDG Acceleration, Integration and Financing

Development Financing

UNDP is supporting the Government to conduct the Maldives Development Finance Assessment with the aim of building an integrated approach to addressing challenges to finance its national development priorities and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The COVID-tailored DFA has a dedicated focus on climate financing, costing of the National Strategic Action Plan, and Integrated National Financing Framework roadmap for the Maldives. UNDP Maldives and OECD have also launched the Tax Inspectors Without Borders (TIWB) Initiative to strengthen Maldives Inland Revenue Authority’s (MIRA) capacity to develop transparent and equitable tax frameworks.

Knowledge Leadership

A farewell message from our former Resident Representative, Akiko Fujii


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