Esmeralda Trujillo's Genius Hour What would the result be if I went vegan and went to the gym 2x a week for 6 weeks?

I have decided to focus on what would the results in my weight be if I went vegan and went to the gym twice a week for 6 weeks. This is important to me because I don't only care a lot about what other people say on my appearance but I also care about the animals that are being killed to feed us. My goals for this project are to lose weight and also to have a new experience on not eating any kind of meats. I know that not eating meats will be somewhat challenging because that is basically the only thing I eat at home. I will measure my goals by writing down what i eat and how much I eat. I will also write down my weight from now and at the end of every week write down how much I have lost or gained. When I workout I will write down the exercises I do and how long I workout.

Blog post # 2

I have learned that processed chicken is not such a bad thing to eat as a vegan. It isn't bad because that isn't 100% chicken, it is all just processed. I have learned that I actually do like salads, and my greens. At some point I used to think that eating salads was gross, but I am in love with them as of now. I have also learned that I am not such a slow runner. This week I used "The vegan society" website. From this website I learned what veganism is. I have learned that I actually do love to workout I have just never really set my mind to it. From here is where I push myself harder to stop eating meats. This is where I will begin to push myself a little more each time I work out. Working at a pizza place kinda makes this a bit challenging, but that is where I put my guard down and say, "no pizza for a while only salads".

Blog Post #3

I have learned that there are several different types of veganism. Depending on the "diet" you are on there are certain workouts that are good for your body. I have learned that my body is kind of balanced, although I have noticed that I seem to talk down on myself a lot as weight wise. I talk down on myself because I can workout more than 2 times a week but I refuse to because I become lazy. I am trying to learn that I committed to this and I can not blow it off. I used a website called "BodyBuilding" and that is where I learned a few other workouts, and some stuff that is good for my body. From here I need to continue pushing myself to working out on all or most of my free time because I know that is something that I love to do.

Blog Post #4

I have learned that being vegan can be healthy for your body. The reason is because most meats have a lot of fat and not eating meat decreases the amount of fat going into your body. I also learned that ab workouts for the most part are better and more beneficial than other workouts. About myself I have learned how to dedicate myself to new things. I have learned how to put up with challenges even if I have to let go of some things I love to eat. This week I used the website named "Vegan Diet". This talks to me about how I am able to improve my health with this. From here I want to try and see if I can convince my family to do this with me during the summer. I believe it is a pretty simple way to try to lose weight as well as trying something new in the family. From here I will continue to keep this challenge going even if sometimes I just wanna eat anything and everything.

Blog post #5

I have been drinking a lot more water than usual ever since i started this project, I learned that too much water is bad. Although drinking just the right amount of water a day is good for your body. If you work out and eat healthy drinking healthy also needs to include drinking healthy. I have learned that as much as I love sprite and big red water is over all my favorite thing to drink. It can not be any kind of water it has to be like a specific water. I used "vegan society" as my resource again this week. In this website it tells me that energy drinks such as "red bull" is actually vegan friendly. Soda is also vegan friendly such as coca-cola and all "zero" beverages. Water is not such a bad thing to drink, so do not feel limited to water. From here I will keep working out, and continue pushing myself to eat healthy more than twice a week.


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