Mmmmm, Those Cricket S'Mores Taste Good! 8th grade Family & Consumer Science students make Cricket Bites: Roasted original, cheesy ranch, spicy cayenne, buffalo wing sauce & hickory smoked

Hommocks 8th graders used nutrition-packed cricket flour to explore taboo foods and make Cricket S'Mores in Family & Consumer Science class, exploring the question: Are insects the future of food?

This year's Family and Consumer Science (FCS) classrooms are busy with fun, innovative activities. In the new 8th grade Food Ed curriculum, students are learning that over centuries food classification systems taught societies how to select what they eat. The systems also taught humans what not to eat; these forbidden foods often became taboos. Because different cultures have access to different resources, they also approach the question of what to eat differently. Foods that may be taboo to one culture may be an everyday food or delicacy to another. So in this lesson, students looked at the logic of a taboo while exploring the idea that we may need to revise some taboos in order to benefit from the nutritional resources they provide.

Students enjoyed using cricket flour to make Cricket S'Mores. While the thought might have been unappealing initially, it is safe to say that 8th graders put their cricket aversion aside to enjoy a delicious s'more bar. Stay tuned later in the year for news of the exciting sustainability initiative partnership between Mamaroneck's FCS classes and the Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture.