1. Its on the banks of the river Shannon
  2. Its in Offaly
  3. It was attacked by vikings 8 times
  4. It was founded by St.Ciarán
  5. Now it is an important tourist site
  6. There was 17 churches there in the 8th century
  7. Now there are only the ruins of the six churches
  8. There are two towers there now
  9. It is a monastery
  10. It is one of the biggest monasteries in Ireland
  11. It was made in AD 455
  12. The monks live there
  13. One of the esay ways to get is an sli mor
  14. By the 8 century Clonmacnoise was a large medieval town
  15. The monks lived on a 10 acre
  16. Monks built round towers to pro


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