FINAL PORTFOLIO Writing as Information Design: By Houston Castle

The concepts of my work are self-centered and focus mainly on my love for fashion and the future I see for myself in the industry as a writer and designer. I rely on repetition, contrast, and hierarchy throughout my work. I believe that these principles of design are vital to my designs and the fashion industry. Repetition is the repeating of similar or the exact same elements. Contrast is about juxtaposition and difference. Hierarchy showcases the differences by giving reference of elements to each other.

In the beginning, I designed with free reign. Now, my designs, mostly due to the concepts of the project, have become more tame and constrained. I focus more on space and professionalism rather than creative will. I still create what I want, it's just watered down in some places where it would be beneficial to be less of a nuisance. In my art design classes I do what I want, when I want. But, for writing as information design, I have learned to adapt to what others want as well as what I want. I don't think compromise is a bad thing anymore.



The Logo Project was an exercise in the creation of an original logo or a remake of an existing logo. Using Adobe Illustrator, the goals were to strengthen software skills as well as using those skills and the principles of design to convey a sense of ethos. The main focus was on image, icon, and typography. I chose to remake the VOGUE magazine logo. I plan to work for VOGUE and eventually impose my creative will on the entirety of the magazine's design as Editor in Chief.


The Resume Redesign Project was an exercise in using Adobe Illustrator and the principles of design to create two different resumes, each tailored to two different types of professional work. I chose to design the first resume for a fun, summer job I would like to be considered for. I designed it as my own version of Candyland because the work is in a vintage candy shop. I designed the second resume for my application to the grad school I wish to attend. I kept it neat and minimal. I used the colors of the school as a nod to them.


The Infographic Project was an exercise using Adobe Illustrator and the principles of design to take the raw information of a data set and the concept of the topic to create one solid infographic so that people can read the information quickly and in a pleasing display. I chose the topic of fast fashion because I think it's a horrible industry that promotes unethical work. Unfortunately, as a college student, all I can afford are the fast fashion brands.

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