Ghosties A spooky arcade survival game

Ghosties is a spooky arcade survival game about avoiding ghost's and escaping haunted locations. This game is still very much in the very early stages, but I am very happy in how it is coming out. My plan is to eventually get this on Steam Greenlight and approved and on to Steam!

New Logo!
When I get the first level made I will be posting links here for Steam Greenlight.
Assets for the Haunted Library

Lighting is very important for this game as it will be a key element to find the ghosts and enemy characters in the game. Lights are also used to find secret passageways as well as secret items.

The Haunted Library with Lighting
Working in Photoshop building the pixel art assets and then moving them over to Construct.
Early advert and logo for the game. As I am working on development I am constantly thinking about how to pitch the game and marketing aspects of the project. I am a graphic designer and I do independent online marketing by trade so this is very important to me.
Very early level design layout. My current level is a simplified version of this layout.

Creating pixel artwork for an idea I had for an elevator instead of platform steps in the game. I feel like there are more gameplay elements I can add with an elevator.

Steam Greenlight Journey

I plan to document getting this on Greenlight and seeing first hand how this process works.

Planning for Greenlight

I am a very visual person this comes from my background in art and graphic design. One of the things I like to do with any project is to try and visualize every aspect of it that is under my control.

This is why I have decided to mock up my Steam Greenlight page before I actually post anything. I want to get the feel of how the project will look on screen as a webpage and how it will read. So many times on Steam I see projects that dev's have obviously worked hard on, but then put very little effort into the marketing and delivery of their Greenlight page. I don't know if this will ultimately be something that really helps, but it always helps to visualize exactly what you are doing.

As I am a complete newcomer to Steam Greenlight I found this awesome video that goes through some of the do's and don'ts of the process. I really don't believe I will have a problem marketing anything as I am very adept at this being a graphic designer, my biggest problem I feel will be getting the game to look awesome and play awesome.

Early Access Game Features

This list is my target goals for features on the Steam Greenlight page, this version of the game will be released to get feedback to continue development.

  • Playable Lantern Library level
  • Enemy set for Lantern Library level
  • 1 Playable character
  • 3 lighting options for the hero to carry
  • GHOST Express Elevatorâ„¢ (very, very important)

Full Game Features

  • Total of 5 areas (when completed) The Lantern Library, The Haunted Hospital, The Leaky Laboratory, The Creepy Crypt, and bonus level Spooky Theatre.
  • 3 Playable Characters to start, more added after release.
  • Ghosts, zombies, aliens, specters, spooks, and all things scary, in a cute, adorable 16-bit retro style.
  • Classic gameplay that harken's back to the Original Mario Bros, Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle and Bubble Bobble, but with an ultra pixely, spooky, retro, AND AWESOME theme.
  • Dynamic scoring in which you can choose to compete for the fastest time, enemies avoided, and longest time survived. Miss your fastest time mark...? Keep playing and go for most enemies avoided OR longest time survived, either way you always have fun!
  • Ultra fast 1 button restart so you can begin a run instantly
  • Use doors, secret shelves, traps, underground passages and the GHOST Express Elevatorâ„¢ to make your way through the levels and avoid all the pixelated baddies.
  • Dynamic lighting mixed with awesome retro lighting for a neat cartoon effect.
  • Use a flashlight, lantern, or the Book of the Dead to light your way through the spooky locations, all come with unique abilities and drawbacks.
  • Unlock the secrets of the game to discover the parts to the legendary GhostLight.


PixelPun and GamesbyRob:)

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