Annual Report 2019

This past year was one in which we saw dreams realized.

It was the year we enhanced our training program by adding a new online learning portal where patrons can find opportunities to grow in knowledge, confidence, and strength. It was the year we launched a one-of-its-kind site featuring foster and adoptive parents sharing real stories of vulnerability and resilience.

Both of these dreams – Champion Classrooms and No Matter What Families – were only ideas the previous year. Now they are tools in the transformational toolkit that only the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families provides.

Read on to see the remarkable impact we had in 2019.

Champion Classrooms

The creation of Champion Classrooms has taken our existing training program—already known and trusted by families and child welfare professionals statewide—to the next level of service for foster, relative, and adoptive parents. Learners can create a free account and:

  • Access live webinars, recorded webinars, and online courses on demand
  • Learn at their own pace, on their own time, and in the location of their choosing
  • Keep and revisit all courses, classes, and learning materials

Champion Classrooms opened in late July 2019 with five courses and six recorded webinars. Eight webinars have already been added to the catalog to date with more planned throughout the year ahead.

  • 476 registered learners
  • 537 courses and classes purchased
  • 18,391 page views
“Very informing. You gave great insight to all of the how-tos and whys.”

No Matter What Families

No Matter What Families is dedicated to sharing real stories from real people. The foster, relative, and adoptive parents featured in the videos open up and share moments of vulnerability, courage, and insight and help those watching know that they aren’t alone, they don’t have to move forward alone, and, ultimately, leave them feeling more confident and strong.

Since launching in late July 2019, we have seen:

  • 1,600 web sessions
  • 2,565 page views
  • 702 video plays
“No Matter What Families is helping other people reach out for that help and support so they’re not struggling and suffering in silence anymore.”

Providing Accessible and Reliable Information

  • 6,200 weekly email newsletter subscribers
  • 6,500+ tip sheet downloads related to foster care, relative care, and adoption
  • 130,000+ website sessions
  • 35,500+ webpage visits for information about foster care and adoption
  • 96% of those who connect with the Coalition say the information they were provided is helpful
“Thanks to the Coalition, I will keep being the champion my niece and nephew deserve!”

Offering a Compassionate Response and Safe Place for Families

  • Responded to over 2,800 individuals via phone, email, and in-person visits
  • Answered 1,652 inquiries about how to get started as a foster or adoptive parent
  • Connected 1,991 website visitors with resources for birth parents
“We would not have continued as foster parents if not for the support we got from the Coalition.”

Creating Opportunities for Ongoing Learning and Social Connection

  • 8 Family Connection events and conferences serving 404 attendees
  • 95% of those in attendance feel they left with increased knowledge
“The Coalition shows us that we are not alone on our journey.”

We are sincerely grateful for each of our donors and supporters.

To see a list of those who supported our work in 2019, please visit https://coalitionforcyf.org/about-us/supporters/thank-you-to-our-donors/.

If we have omitted anyone from this list, it was in spite of our diligent efforts to acknowledge every donor who wishes to be acknowledged, and we do apologize.

Financial Information

Revenue: $1,812,885

% government funding: 65%

% private donations: 35%

Expenses: $1,916,621

% program: 86%

% administrative: 8%

% development: 6%

A Birth Mother’s Story

“Attending the Coalition’s conferences and training events is something we look forward to all year. Not only is it an opportunity to learn new skills, but you get to meet other foster and adoptive families like yours and share your experiences. One year, there was an attendee who stood up and introduced herself as a birth mom who had recently been reunified with her kids. She shared a bit of how her children ended up in foster care and how she was attending the conference, like the rest of us, to learn to become a better parent. It was powerful and moving—she was so honest and brave, and she was embraced and supported by the foster and adoptive parents there. I’m glad the Coalition offers those opportunities to see we’re all in this together for the good of our kids.”