dazzle and dine on tuesday, october 9, the atlanta falcons honored 10 breast cancer survivors at their tenth annual dazzle and dine presented by grady

Giving back to the community is more than just player appearances for the Atlanta Falcons organization - it's about recognizing and honoring individuals within the city of Atlanta who stand for the same values that the team does.

Head Coach Dan Quinn has built the Falcons around three pillars of success: Ball. Battle. Brotherhood.

The 10 women who were honored Tuesday know a little something about the word 'battle' and have overcome that battle through the 'brotherhood' they have created among one another.


Dazzle and Dine honors those who are currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer and/or breast cancer survivors in the state of Georgia. Honorees are selected based upon their commitment and dedication to supporting the breast cancer community and raising awareness for the fight against breast cancer.

Renette has been very active in the breast cancer support group at the Grady Cancer Center for the last five months and she is always willing to share her experiences with other patients that have been diagnosed and strives to lift them up when they're down. She is committed to find solutions to the challenges that accompany breast cancer by sharing her story.
Shirlene has been serving as an adviser in the patient-family advisory council for the past year, following her own treatment for breast cancer. She is an advocate for screenings and participates in awareness campaigns both at Grady and throughout the metro-Atlanta area. She is truly a force in the community.
Marie is a breast cancer survivor of Grady Memorial Hospital, where she has worked for 43 years. She has always encouraged patients to take care of their breast health in her role as a provider. She never loses her smile and always takes the time to encourage other patients at the clinic.
Aisha has been serving as an adviser in the patient-family advisory council for the past year, following her own treatment for breast cancer. She has committed herself to help jump-start initiatives such as Grady's involvement in the neighborhood health centers in the fight against breast cancer.
As her husband's prostate cancer advanced into late stage, Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her battle began as she was serving as the sole caregiver to her now late-husband, George, and balancing being a mom. Her compassion and strength is what impresses most as she has dedicated herself to assisting individuals at The Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation.
Cie Cie was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer in 2013. Since battling and surviving, she has initiated numerous programs to help others during their battles. Her goal is to assist others through the transition after battling the disease, and to help individuals adjust to life-after breast cancer.
After undergoing a double mastectomy, Crissy sank into a deep depression. After recovery, she decided it was her duty to educate and support other women facing what she had experienced. She began to visit breast cancer patients in the hospital to show them they are not fighting alone. She is committed and passionate in sharing her story with others.
Amber is an active member of ROW - Recovery on Water, which is a rowing team that gives survivors of breast cancer the unique opportunity to interact, become active in their recovery and gain support from fellow survivors. She has been fighting a rare form of breast cancer for over five years yet maintains a positive outlook and strives to help others.
Evita is a retired Veteran who served in the US Army for 22 years. A recent breast cancer survivor, she goes above and beyond to help others battling the disease. She continues to fight and not give up as she has gone under three major surgeries in the past three years. Her spirit and determination are infectious.
Cheryl is a breast cancer patient of the Grady Cancer Center. She recently began her treatment and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Her will and determination goes unnoticed as she battles with a positive attitude and the hope to inspire others.
Pictured: Shirlene Reeves, Marie Jackson, Rennette Lencrerot, Cie Cie McGhee, Amber Gallman, Crissy Dorsey, Aisha Wyatt, Evita Jenkins, Lisa Brand and Cheryl McCoy (from left to right).

Atlanta Falcons legends picked up each woman in vehicles donated by Mercedes-Benz and brought them to Jamison Shaw Hairdressers for an afternoon of pampering. The ladies were joined by Falcons Cheerleaders to lend a helping hand.

As the women wrapped up their afternoon at Jamison Shaw, Atlanta Falcons players and legends were beginning to arrive at Katana Teppanyaki and Sushi in Atlanta, excited to spend a night celebrating these strong women.

When the women arrived, they were greeted by Falcons President & CEO Rich McKay, along with K Matt Bryant, P Matt Bosher, TE Logan Paulsen, LS Josh Harris, T Daniel Brunskill, G Ben Garland, S Keith Tandy, LB DeVondre Campbell and S Sharrod Neasman.

The players escorted the women to their tables, where they settled in for the dinner as the players swapped their jersey's for chef aprons for the evening and helped serve Hibachi.

Though the women may have all been strangers to the Falcons, their stories hit close to home for one player in particular

Growing up, Campbell's mother battled breast cancer. He understands the struggle that these women are going through, and everthing it takes to overcome it.

In 2017, Campbell represented the American Cancer Society for his My Cause My Cleats campaign. When he put his cleats on, it was for everyone who has been affected by cancer

Though it was just one dinner with the players, the women were touched by their support and the Falcons generosity. It was a day these 10 women will cherish moving forward as they continue to help others in their battle and give back.

The women will be recognized this Sunday, October 14, at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons game. In addition, Sunday's game will be the Falcons Crucial Catch game, which will feature players, coaches, fans and referees in apparel supporting multiple types of cancer.

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