Eliot Porter By eric Solorzano

Eliot porter was born December 6 1901, and died November 2 1990

Eliot porter Liked Landscape and started photographing it in the mid 1930s. He Adapted to color landscape in the mid 1960s

Eliot Porter's technique was to find a colorful place that was empty that had no human tampering because those pictures were the most beautiful

Eliot Porter worked for art museums and national geographic museums.

Eliot Porter Used a Kodak Box Camera as a kid. Later he progressed to a Large Format Camera.

Eliot Porter Mainly uses Golden Hour lighting because it gives him the best golden giving him a really nice landscape picture

Eliot Porter was inspired as an adult to become a color landscape photographer

Before he was a photographer he was a science teacher he was inspired to become a photographer on a trip to L.A

I selected Eliot Porter because he does color landscape photography and i really like taking pictures and seeing pictures of landscape in both black and white and color i think that pictures with minimum human tampering like a deserted island are the most beautiful pictures.

Created By
Eric Solorzano

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