March For Our Lives Salem Photos, video, commentary on a Great March 24, 2018 event

It was a cold March day, but the spirits of the 3,500 (or thereabouts) people who attended the Salem March for Our Lives rally were red hot for reasonable gun control and other measures to prevent more mass shootings in our country.

Here's photos that I took at the event, plus a video of a moving song sung by Shelaswau Crier's daughter, Zyel. I've added a brief commentary to the photos, but like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I've kept my words to a minimum.

First, the video of Zyel Crier singing. (The whirring noise is from a generator.)

Now, the photos. Scroll down for the "Glideshow."

So great to see so many young people at the rally. I did zero protesting in high school, but the times they are a'changing.

Makes sense to me. Cops shouldn't give geometry lessons and teachers shouldn't carry guns.

I hate the whole "thoughts and prayers" thing, so this sign resonated with me.

If a citizen initiative makes the ballot, and passes, Oregon will do this.

Another pleasing non-prayer sentiment.

But unfortunately the NRA owns lots of legislators. Solution: vote them out.

Um, isn't the answer NO? Too bad Congress is failing to answer the question correctly.

This could be a quote from one of the Parkland survivors (probably it is).

Moms are a force to be reckoned with.

Great point. Dress codes ARE more regulated than guns.

Sad, but true. Back in my youth this would have been an unheard of idea, school shootings.

I can't imagine the pain if my child was shot. Which is a big motivation to prevent the pain of others.

Every child should be able to feel this way.

Nice to see that Spiderman is an activist.

Love not hate. Don't use guns. Simple sentiments from children wise beyond their years.

Sometimes one word is enough.

Couldn't agree more.

But was the NRA ever rational?

Getting $$$ out of politics is a stretch. But keeping our kids safe shouldn't be.

Great turnout for a cold showery March day.

Hopefully our politicians will listen to young smart voices.

Our neighbor friend, Kathy Bobbio.

Me and my wife, Laurel, before the rally started. (I'm not pregnant; my pockets were full of gloves and snacks.)

Beautiful. And sad.

Yes, assault rifles weren't part of our founders' vision.

Kind of sounds like some old Bob Dylan lyrics. (I'm showing my age.)

Another so-true sentiment.


Wow. Nicely said.

Rhetorical question, but a good one.

Schrader, our Congressman, needs to pay attention to this sign.

Ah, the energy of youth. We need it now more than ever.

This is Kristen Wilson, Community Co-Lead of the march with Ann Kresge, giving some direction to the marchers.

This banner greeted us after our march to downtown Salem and back to the Capitol mall.

The other side of my wife's sign,

A shared sentiment with my wife's sign.

Are you listening, politicians?

Nicely dressed guy with a nicely expressed sign.

Perhaps the most creative images I saw at the rally, which is why I made this the cover photo.

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