Characteristics of the Neolithic Age By Anna Mandziak

The Neolithic Age

During the Neolithic age people began to plant crops which allowed them to settle down and live in one place. These places were called farming villages.

Farming village

During the Neolithic Age they lived in houses called mud brick houses. People entered their houses from the roof so the roof had a hole in it. They would walk on the roofs and enter each other's house that way.

Rooftops of the mud brick houses.

The people of the Neolithic Age practiced their religion in special buildings called shrines.


As they settled down the men began to farm instead of hunting. The women stayed at home and made cloth for clothes and took care of the kids.

Neolithic women

The Neolithic Age ended because the people figured out that they could melt the metal bearing rocks and pour it in to certain mold to form stronger tools

Metal tools

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