Andy Warhol

Identify where the artist from? Grew up? Time period?

Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh where he began to pursue a career of commercial illustration. He began to receive recognition after his work was shown in several galleries. At first he was recognized for the strangeness of his work. He was considered a controversial artist. His work became more famous over a couple of years as he displayed more of it. This helped him become famous and well known.

Define what happened in their life that was significant?

Andy Warhol grew up in a time where everything was more simple. This made his work completely different from any other artist's. He stood out because of how his work contrasted to other famous work of the time. He was also and openly gay man who lived before this was more excepted. This is another thing that was significant in his life that made him stand out.

Explain the overall meaning of their artwork?

The overall meaning of Andy Warhol's work was to change the general understanding of art. Since his art was so different than most other art in his time, people began to understand art differently. This allowed for new opportunities for artists after him to express themselves how they want.

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