Did Hitler Survive? The Fuhrer's secret, unveiled.

What if Adolf Hitler didn’t kill himself?

What if the man who was responsible for over 10 million deaths escaped and lived a cozy life in the Argentinian mountains?

Bodies fill the yard of Lager Nordhausen, a Gestapo Concentration Camp.

For many years, British and U.S. intelligence services have received countless reports of information about his survival. In fact, pliable evidence of Hitler’s survival has been discovered, shocking the world. The topic of Hitler’s death has been a mystery for many years, causing infinite questions to arise.

A map of Hitler's Fuhrerbunker

Theory One- Hitler survived.

Many people, including highly esteemed theoreticians, look at the evidence provided and truly believe that Hitler escaped to Argentina, dying in 1962 at the age of 73.

More information on the Fuhrer’s survival can be found in Jerome R. Corsi’s book, “Hunting Hitler: New Scientific Evidence That Hitler Escaped Germany.” The book includes military intelligence files, autopsy reports, interrogation transcripts, documents from Soviet archives, CIA reports, and much more.

So, you may wonder, where on earth would he hide in Argentina? Well, newspaper articles were found detailing the construction of a Bavarian styled mansion in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Also, there are actual files on the FBI.gov website that show the government knew of Hitler’s survival. An FBI document from Los Angeles revealed that there was a submarine headed to Argentina filled with high-level Nazi officials. The skull fragments found near the Fuhrer’s bunker were DNA tested and proved to belong to a young woman. In fact, Hitler’s bunker in Berlin had a moveable concrete panel which led to another bunker, eventually tunneling into the undergrounds. In 1960, other Nazis such as Adolf Eichmann were found to be hiding in Argentina, so why not Hitler?

Eva and Hitler walking their dogs; Negus, Stasi, and Blondi.

Now here’s where it gets crazy. Did you know that Hitler and Eva Braun (his wife) already had body doubles for security purposes? ‘Hitler and Eva’s’ bodies were never fully recovered, seeing as they were, and I quote, “Charred beyond recognition.” No photos were found documenting the suicides. No one actually saw Hitler and Eva kill themselves.

However, some people still believe that on the fateful day of April 30th, 1945, Adolf Hitler met his demise.

Anti-rumor and careless talk poster from WWII

Theory 2- Hitler died.

For every person who believed that Hitler lived, there are two more who believe that it simply isn’t possible. We honestly can’t blame them, seeing as the evidence they unveiled makes it seem illogical that Hitler escaped Berlin.

This theory is less exciting, but still rational.

It has been said that the FBI documents addressing Hitler’s escape were not findings of his survival, rather, they were just filed away reports of every single person who thought they knew of his whereabouts. The files are in the same database where you could find 59 pages of reports on Amelia Earhart’s whereabouts, 130 pages of cattle mutilations reported by alien hunters, and 119 pages pondering the potentially Communist lyrics of the song “Louie Louie.” In fact, there are 663 pages in there just about Elvis. A few of the reported Hitler sightings included the Fuhrer living as a hermit in Italy, working as a shepherd in the Swiss Alps, living in a hotel with a group of nuclear scientists, or becoming a monk in Spain. Some people even believed he was hidden on the moon! The files about his flight to Argentina were simply one of many theories.

The Fuhrer, planning and plotting.

Some people still may not be willing to believe that Eva Braun would kill herself alongside Hitler, but she had insurmountable obsession for him, regardless of how he treated her. Eva married the Fuhrer just 40 hours before the suicide, because 14 years up until then he was afraid of discouraging his female fans. He called Eva awful, mean names such as idiot, bumpkin, and wench, yet she was still smitten by him.

When Russian troops recovered the blackened and scorched remains of Hitler and Eva, they found a jawbone that resembled Hitler’s. Hitler’s dentist admitted that Hitler had awful teeth due to his stubborn refusal to have regular checkups. Also, it’s unlikely that all of the other people in the bunker would keep something this big a secret for so long.

So, seeing as I’ve given you both sides of the story, I’ll tell you what I think of all this madness.

Hitler as an infant.

My chosen theory- Hitler Survived.

After diving into the depths of the internet to find ample evidence for both theories, I’ve decided to corroborate Theory 1. All of the given evidence points to Hitler’s survival, and quite frankly, I refuse to believe that Hitler would give up that easily.

There are so many clues. Pictures of Hitler have been taken past 1945. The jawbone that was assumed to be Hitler’s was never, in fact, DNA tested.

In 2011, Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan published a book called “Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler.”

Williams is a renowned historian and journalist, his esteemed career spanning over 30 years. He works for the BBC, Sky News, and Reuters. Dunstan is a popular writer, filmmaker, and photographer. He has written over 50 books on military history, particularly on Vietnam and World War II, not to mention numerous documentaries for the History Channel. The resumes of these authors make them seem reliable, as we’re more likely to believe people with trustworthy reputations.

Adolf Hitler with Göring on balcony of the Chancellery in Berlin.

Just think for a moment- Hitler and Eva had all the the necessary resources to escape. Body doubles, a tunnel leading out of the bunker and into the undergrounds, a submarine headed to Argentina, you name it. It’s unlikely that, with all of the other available options, they would’ve just given up and allowed their dignity to be stripped of them with a bit of fire in the Chancellery Garden.

Though, undeniably so, some of the found FBI documents addressing Hitler’s death were loads of rubbish, some could still be veritable. You never know.

Ever since April 30th, 1945, one peculiar question has peaked the world’s interest; “Did Hitler really die?”

Some may brush aside their curiosity, simply wondering why on earth they’d need to know this information. Well, I’m positive that almost every single person reading this descended from someone involved in World War II, whether Jew or soldier. Again, Hitler was the cause of over 10 million deaths, his pious reign steamrolling entire nations. He caused a genocide, for crying out loud!

This discovery could change history as we know it, and I can guarantee it would impact all of our lives, whether educational or personal.

So, now that I’ve given you this information… What do you believe?

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” -Adolf Hitler

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