Passion and Commitment A poetry anthology by ryan marcil

Passion and commitment to me is about not giving up when bad things happen. The poem 'What Way', by A. Moritz talks about people that don't give up. It says, "At the table, at the grave not knowing/wohether to grieve or celebrate, they seemed/to find a way..." This shows how even though something bad happened and they were unsure, they didn't give up. Also, when it says, "And yet the pleasure they took/in everything did not wear out" it shows how they are still positive and they're not letting anything drag them down.

Michael Field, author of the poem "XXXVI(36)", talks about how love that is stronger than gold. This relates to true passion and commitment because like gold, it's precious and can last a long time. It talks about "it's timeless light" and how it's "incorruptible". The poem is saying that love or passion is so powerful it leaves a mark, it it's so committed that it can't corrupt, it's pure. This is a great definition of the theme passion and commitment.

Passion and commitment to me is being persistent, and devoting yourself. The poem 'Hymn', by Gottfried Ben talks about people that are committed and humble. This poem connects with the theme because it has many aspects of passion and commitment within it. It talks about endurance, challenges, and humbleness of committed people. When the text reads, 'Gargle with firewater/encounter intoxication/at sub- and supra-atomic levels' it shows how the boxer is able to deal with all this challenging stuff and stick with it.

Passion and commitment is so strong that nothing can deter it - and sometimes you don't even know what you're passionate about until you find it. The poem "Fate", by Carolyn Wells, gives an example of this in the form of two people on opposite sides of the world. Two very different people that didn't even know about each other, ended up as a match for each other. Many people in life don't know what they'll be as an adult, their purpose, but sometimes they end up becoming something they never really thought about.

The poem "Image Tensed", by Clemente Rèbora does not come from the perspective of someone that is committed. The poem displays how passion and commitment can be rare and surprising. When it reads, "Image tensed,/ I eye the instant,/Anticipation welling--/I expect no one." it shows how people might not believe that someone is really committed. But "He'll suddenly appear/When I am least aware" shows how committed people can surprise others.

The poem "The Fire Cycle", by Zachary Schomburg is about people who are motivated. This explanation ties in with my theme because passion and commitment because is being motivated and yearning for something. The poem talks about how everything is "on fire", which can represent energy and liveliness. The world to some people is very much alive and moving, and the fire is like their motivation, energy to keep them going. They have their whole life ahead of them.

In this poem, the author writes about his Luve. This connects with the theme I have chosen because it shows his passion. He talks about commitment too - that his love is so deep it doesn't end. For example it says, "And I will love thee still, my dear, Till a' the seas gang dry." That is an example of the commitment and passion of this poem.

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