This boy, named Harrison, is in a foster home, one of which he doesn't like, and he eventually gets moved to another one. Harrison starts to play football and he takes a hard hit to the knee. He goes to the doctor and he says that he has cancer in his knee. He goes through chemo and has to have his leg amputated. He fights back and learns to use a prosthetic leg. Harrison eventually gets back on the field with a prosthetic leg and all.

Author Biography

Tim Green-Attended Syracuse University, played in the NFL for the Falcon, retired from football and became a lawyer, and serves on the board at a children's hospital.

Three themes in this book are fight, never give up, and belief.

-Fight- When harrison is taking chemo, he want to quit. However; he fights through it and he fights it and overcomes it.

-Never Give Up- He pushes through the pain in his knee and continues to workout. He gets stronger and stronger and makes it back onto the field by not giving up.

-Belief- He gets down and out but he continues to believe that he will be back on the field. He doesn't quit because he believes in himself.




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