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What if...

Every lesson a teacher designed embedded opportunities for student voice, choice, and agency?

Learning needs to be enjoyable and I want you to use technology to help find your answers for problems that your interested in solving. How are we creating educational spaces so that fun is permanently associated with school? My wish is that when you learn something in my classroom, it doesn't feel like learning. We need to bring joy back into teaching and learning.

Growing your growth mindset

Mistakes Grow Your Brain

It takes grit. When we make a mistake, synapses fire. The brain sparks and grows when we make a mistake, even if we are not aware of it, because it is a time of struggle; the brain is challenged and the challenge results in growth. -Jo Boaler

Building Global Citizens & Learning through service.

There is a great need to create educational equity in schools, classrooms, curriculum, and communities. It is essential that we work with our community and find ways to teach through engaging in community and global activism.

Move to Make


I believe in the power of 20% time. I live for Moon Shot Ideas and I have experienced the power of Genius Hour. If we are truly interested in quality learning & fostering creativity, we need to commit to allowing our students to dream, experiment, & iterate.

the Craft of pedagogy

Powerful learning must happen before we just teach with technology. Pedagogy is king. Technology is just the tool that opens more opportunity for learning and creation.

"We need to focus more on learning with technology, not learning technology."-George Curous

We learn by doing.

"Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our Job is to nurture talent

"Imagination is the source of all human achievement."

-Sir Ken Robinson


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