Tattoos on the Heart Project By Brennan Lamson

Chapter 1

The theme I have chosen for chapter one is God. I chose this because in the book Fr. Greg says, “Not much in my life makes any sense outside of God.” My favorite story inside chapter one is when Cesar call Fr. Greg in the middle of the night to ask if he was still his son. The saddest story in my opinion is when Billy’s father dies of cancer, and how billy took care of his father when he needed it most. To me this is the most touching chapter in the entire book.

Chapter 3

The theme I have chosen for chapter three is Compassion. I chose compassion because Fr. Greg inspired me when he went to the Folsom Prison and taught prisoners about sympathy, empathy, and compassion. My favorite story within chapter three is when one of the prisoners defines compassion and says that Jesus is compassion. The saddest story for me is when Betito gets shot in his side and dies, because I loved him and his phrase that he had with Fr. Greg which was, “ Your the real deal.” The passage of Betito’s death is to me the saddest story in the book.

Chapter 4

The theme I have chosen for chapter four is Baptism. I chose Baptism because Fr. Greg said that he had baptized over a thousand homies and that he loved everyone of them. My favorite story in chapter 4 is when Fr. Greg tell Jose Lopez that he is proud to be the one baptizing him and Jose responds by saying, “Clockwise.” The saddest story in my opinion is when George's brother Cisco is shot by a rival gang in the middle of the street, but what is even more sad is that his soon to be born baby will not have a father to take care of it. I know I have never experienced this but I really felt for George and his brother Cisco.

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