St. Patties Baller MaX Moore

Have you ever seen an Irish basketball player? I have. But I didn't know until he arose from his seat. He pressed on the side of the table with his white hands that quite literally pail in comparison to his bright red face. He seemed to have a slight permanent sun burn on his face. His hair was a dark shimmering red. It seemed like cooling molten glass was dumped on his face and dripped out of his nose and conformed around his lower cheeks that made an angle of about 130° when they met at his side burns- his super shaved side burns. The side burns that blended into his now popular "sides buzzed and keep the top feathered and combed over" look. The kind that most Hispanic soccer players have. So picture this: An in shape, slightly beefier, and younger Conan O'Brien but he used a working hydraulic press as a pillow so his head is more narrow than Conan. I say he's a basketball player, not only because he's tall, but he's dressed in much similar fashion to an athlete. He wore black Nike tennis shoes that cupped his ankles but appeared to not be wearing any socks. But he probably was wearing socks because athletes love their socks. His blacked out athletic Adidas shorts with an HSE logo came up just a little bit too high above his knees. That some how and some way matched well with his long sleeve light gray North Face quarter zip with a red under shirt he had on. This man wears his ancestry on his shoulders and he wears it well. It's like he was built for hauling sacks of potatoes for miles upon miles and not break a sweat. Similarly to Conor McGregor or the infamous Mac Lethal from Kansas City, he is a proud lad from the mother land.

As I watch him and his possibly girlfriend converse over their deli sandwiches and iced tea, I notice that he's actually listening to her. He's genuinely listening and spitting things right back at her to carry the conversation they're having. He'd laugh here and there and say something. He really likes and cares for this person he's with. I can't hear them, but I know that the both mean something to each other. From the way they look at each other to their very relaxed posture, I could tell they're comfort with each other. They're close to eachI get the feeling that he's isn't afraid to say something to anyone who over steps their boundaries. I as was observing him, we caught eyes for a few seconds on multiple occasions. The look was kinda frightening. He knew I was watching him and he made that very clear to me without saying a word. I did have a slight feeling that he was looking at me weird as if he was above everyone else in the store. So I'm sure once you get to know this guy he's going to be one of two, things. One of them being that he is a super compassionate and caring individual as he comes off to be. The other being that he is one of the most stuck-up and lives up to today's jock stereotype.

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