No Violence for Young Children, Disney! Abby Hayes

Children are easily engaged with what they watch on television. The boy 's body language in this picture depicts his innocence as he closely watches everything he sees on television.
Many Disney stars that children once looked up to changed in some negative form, including Miley Cyrus (top left), Justin Bieber (top right), Brittany Spears (bottom left), and Beyoncé (bottom right).
Children who see violence on television can be negatively impacted for life. Not only can it impact children at the moment, but can negatively altar their future.

Disney movies and shows have shown violence in many different ways partulcaurly in Tom and Jerry-Tom is always trying to hurt jerry in a violent manner.

Finding Nemo-Bruce tries numerous times to eat Marvin and Dory.

The Ninja Turtles-Use many weapons and fight a lot.

Beauty and the Beast-The Beast is violent and aggressive towards Belle.

Pocahontas-A lot of fighting and war as many try to kill John Smith.

Tarzan-The hunters try to kill Tarzan, bringing many weapons with them.

Parents should be alert and know how violence in Disney's movies and shows are affecting children. If parents know the damage that violence can have on children watching Disney's movies and shows, then they can take action and prevent it.


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