Bruce Weaver & Tarini Bauliya Unique property Management & CARETAKER COUPLE

“Happiness is not for another place, but this place. Not for another hour, but this hour."

-Walt Whitman


Does your estate, family compound or corporate retreat center require full time, resident caretakers?

Is your place where family, friends or others to go to retreat from the maddening crowd?

A property nestled in the lap of nature that cares for the environment and is a contributing member of the local community?

Does fly fishing, hiking, perhaps yoga and/or organic meals figure into your getaway or retreat?

Do you have gardens that need tending? Food that requires growing? Buildings and equipment that need regular maintenance, and a security presence that only an experienced, professional and caring couple would provide?


  • A conscientious, environmentally mindful couple.
  • Successful business leader with organizational excellence.
  • Active outdoors & nature-lovers, love laughter, yoga, hiking, eat organic food and non-smoking.


Maybe your place is a family estate where family and friends go to retreat, connect with nature, do some fly fishing, read a good novel, or just plain relax and eat nourishing meals prepared from your garden?

You have a corporate retreat facility for corporate off-sites, and/or client meetings?

You have been thinking of turning a property into a "rural headquarters" where employees go to immerse themselves in nature, eat well, do yoga, and retreat from the corporate habitat to clear the mind and think of the next disruptive idea!



Property/retreat center caretaker, including building and light carpentry, planting organic gardens, permaculture, landscape design, light electrical & plumbing, mechanical, water systems, solar and alternative energy systems, with the added value of being a cowboy-cook.

A strategic and anticipatory thinker, he is a problem-solver and solutions-oriented doer. Efficiencies and details are his specialty.

His video/transmedia expertise may be seen as a added value for creating multi-media productions, social media marketing, and/or video or photography to record memories of family or corporate events. His latest website build for Rec Retreats Lummi Island.

  • Visualizing harmony between the planet + people
  • Nature and technology in a holistic systems
  • Creativity, resourcefulness, playfulness and wild things

Bruce's Story

Whether owning his own handyman/landscape business where he taught others how to DIY (do it yourself) and where he hand-crafted landscapes using locally harvested materials and Permaculture concepts, or as an early pioneer in an eco-tour business, then as a professional caretaker and property manager, Bruce has always taken care of place; landscapes and their properties—and always with the esthetic of an artist who has an eye for detail, and the genetic imperative to create beauty. When he later turned this aesthetic to Transmedia storytelling, his multi-media stories remained true to his bond with nature; preservation of the natural world, organic food, farming, and the wonders of nature.

Bruce was raised in rural Missouri in a “do-it-yourself” family; the right combination of terrain and fertile soil that germinated the seeds of the Renaissance man he continues to become. As a child if Bruce wasn’t in his father’s workshop fixing a family car, repairing a washing machine or studying a manual on How To ____(fill in the blank), he would doubtless be buried in a National Geographic magazine, or exploring the geography of the family’s forty + acre property with his artist mother whose prolific sketching, painting, and photography, seamlessly wove themselves into the fabric of Bruce’s own way of being. It is this mixture of an undaunted curiosity, love of self-sufficiency, affinity with nature, and the genetic inheritance of an artist, that connect Bruce’s passions and interests with his life, and work.

After high school Bruce entered the Air Force where he trained as an Armaments Specialist with a top security clearance to load Nuclear weapons on F-4 fighter jets, and B-52 bombers; an experience that proved enlightening and ushered in a knowledge that his path would be that of the peaceful warrior. When later his artistic urges merged with Internet technologies, he entered and won a scholarship contest to attend film school, and went on to earn a degree in New Media/Transmedia from the prestigious Vancouver Film School. Art, technology, and exploration merged, when he single-handedly set out on a backpack-broadcasting trip, traveling throughout the U.S., India and Columbia, to make a documentary film about humanity living through planetary changes. Today he creates short-form Transmedia stories, hosts a ecological blog while continuing his study and research of sustainability, permaculture, regenerative analog agroforestry, and holistic grazing concepts.



Tarini has 15+ years as a sales leader in the natural products space, leading and inspiring dozens of sales professionals and providing executive-level management of sales growth from startup to acquisition. She has expertise in all aspects of sales process, building and developing teams, managing and forecasting budgets.

In a previous career, she owned and managed an eco-tour company; designing, hosting and leading eco-tours into Canyon de Chelly, AZ. It was during this period she joyously blended her love of nature and business.

At present, she works with a selective group of sales leaders, intent on making massive transformational change in their world, through 1-on-1 sales leadership coaching.

When not helping others by coaching, she practices and teaches yoga, writes and spends time walking or hiking with her husband.

What Tarini Loves
  • Human potential
  • Laughter
  • Kindness
  • Yoga + meditation + holistic health
  • Writing
  • Nature, critters and natures critters!

*Creating beauty in the world; be it freshly pressed sheets, a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers, or a fresh-pressed cup of coffee! Ahh...what could be more beautiful than that?

BRUCE makes the best dry rub ribs, or Buffalo chicken wings west of the Rockies and a killer Blue Corn cinnamon roll you won't believe!
TARINI makes wicked-good Paleo granola, and almond meal-banana-dark-chocolate & nut guilt-free muffins, and more!

CONTACT INFO: Phone 360-296-1927 | 207-805-4157 | Email ecohood@gmail.com

Created By
Bruce Weaver


Photography/Video by Bruce Weaver

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