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Isaiah Mayo shoots a buzzer beatter 3 pointer to win the game.


On Wednesday January 5th, 8th grader Zeke Mayo shot a buzzer beater at home against Shawnee Heights Middle School at a boys' basketball game, making the game winning shot putting the Cougars ahead one point. (read more in sports section)

Rival Beaten!

On Monday January 9th boys' basketball A team beat Southwest Middle School 51-25. The B team won 38 - 25. Congratulations to the Cougars on two great wins! (read more in sports section)


On January 10th the South middle school boy's team crushed Bishop Seabury 63-18. (read more in sports section)

Can YOU spot The Cougar?

Can YOU Spot Freddy Cougar? Look around in this image for Freddy Cougar the school mascot. The first person to spot the cougar, draw a circle around it, and email it to the news team, will earn a cougar cash prize! Email the picture to and win 10 cougar cash!

Looking for 7th and 8th grade news reps!

Are you a 7th or 8th grader who wants to be a news rep for the 7th or 8th grade?!? Well we have a job for you! If you are impressed by this paper and want to be on the news team, contact us at and ask us if you can be on the team! But, with power comes responsibility and you must have a clean record, that means no minors, majors, I.S.S., etc. So if you have a blank record and want to be in the Cougar Country paper, email us and we might just accept you (we are open to stuco members as well)

Featured Songs!

The Top 10 Songs in the past month!

10: Machine Gun Kelly X Camila Cabe - Bad Things

9: Drake - Fake Love

8: Dj Snake ft. Justin Bieber - Let me Love you

7: Maroon 5 ft. Kendrick Lamar - Don’t Wanna Know

6: Ariana Grande ft Nicki Minaj - Side To Side

5: Bruno Mars - 24k Magic

4: TheWeekend ft. Daft Punk - Starboy

3: The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey - Closer

2: Rae Sremmurd ft. Gucci Mane - Black beatles

1: Migos ft. Lil Uzi Vert - Bad and Boujee

Martin Luther King jr. Day!

South Orchestra performing live at the Martin Luther King Jr. Ceremony.

On Friday January 13th every student came to the gymnasium to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Many students had speeches and we even had a few contest winners. Above, you can see the South 8th Grade Orchestra performing at our MLK assembly!

This is the 5'x5' Poster dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr., is now located in the school cafateria

Can You Guess the cougar?

In this contest you will guess who is in all the baby photos. They could be a teacher OR a student! Keep your mind open for new ideas! There are no 2nd or 3rd place winners, only 1st place will get the prize, you must guess every baby to win the prize Email who you think it is to First place will get 10 cougar cash!

  • I am a 6th grader.
  • I play the French horn.
  • I was a big part of the school play.
  • I'm a 6th grade teacher.
  • I've learned 4 different languages.
  • I've lived in France, Austria, and Japan.
  • I am an 8th grader
  • I'm on the tech team.

Monthly Riddle

You are stuck in a safe. You need to make a hole. You have a piece of paper, a paper clip, a table, a mirror, and a pencil. How do you make a hole? The first person to email the correct answer to will get a prize of 5 cougar cash!

Purposely spelled "whole"

Get to know your new student!

The first person we interviewed was Cara Reed. Her favorite color is blue. The last school she went to was West Franklin Middle School located in Pomona Kansas. Cara is in the 6th grade Titan team. Her favorite food is steak and her favorite drink is Root Beer. Have anything in common? Just go to talk to her and you'll have a great time!!

The other person we interviewed was Connor Bryant but you better not confuse him with his twin. His favorite color is Matte Black and the last school he went to was Central middle school. He is a sixth grade Olympian. His favorite food is Ramen Noodles and his favorite drink is Pibb. He doesn't play any instrument unlike Cara. His favorite book genre is comedy and is a really fun guy. Have anything in common? Just hit him up and have a good time!

New Mural!

The new (under construction) mural is in the locker area closest to the cafeteria.

On Friday Ms. Meihaus and Mural club painted a new mural in the green locker hallway. The group here at Cougar Country thinks this is awesome and there should be more like it around the school. But there is also an under construction sign and we think it will be promising.

We interviewed Ms. Meihaus to see what we can dig up on the new South mural!

What inspired you to paint this mural?

Mural club was started as a Wednesday club this year to bring back a tradition from the old building. South used to have a ton of murals throughout the building created by students. In the fall semester, mural club met and discussed possibilities, sketched ideas, and collaborated on the final design you see started. For our first mural we chose to use school colors, mascot, and represent important aspects of our South community.

How long will it take?

The background ³sun-bursts² are almost complete after 3 days of painting. The paws are going to slowly come together when each artist has a chance to work on their design. Mural clubs goal is to have this done by Spring Break. It sounds like a long time but we only can paint after school.

What will it look like upon completion?

Each paw is designed to be inspired by an important tradition at South such as sports, clubs, classes etc. For example their is a garden paw that transforms the paw shape into a large sunflower and their is a choir paw that includes a microphone and the word ³Sing².

South Podcast

February Sports SCHEDULE

2/7/2017 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM SMS 8th grade boys' basketball. Home vs West

2/13/2017 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM SMS 8th grade boys' basketball. Home vs Southwest

2/21/2017 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM SMS 8th grade boys' basketball tournament

2/22/2017 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM SMS 8th grade boys' basketball tournament

2/23/2017 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM SMS 8th grade boys' basketball tournament

Memory Hallway

Questions asked by: Hayden Steele

Answered by: Mr. Beaver

Q: Do you remember, or have you heard of, any notable/memorable events in Cougar history?

A: In 2013, South Track swept both Boys and Girls Bulldog relays to win city.

Q: What made it a notable/memorable event?

A: It was the first time that the girls had won.

Q: Did this event/game feature any notable people/players?

A: Erik Shackleford, and Trey Moore, Jamiah Dye.

Q: What do you think was the best part of this experience?

A: Seeing all the track kids so excited for themselves and each other.

Q: Would you think a moment like this would happen again?

A: It may be a few years?

Can you spot the difference?

Can you spot the difference? Below you see two pictures they have 9 differences! Can you spot them all? The first person to find all differences and email them to will win a 10 cougar cash prize!

Differences: 9 (the ground the snowman is standing on does NOT count)

Mrs. Creed:

Mrs. Creed started teaching at South middle school in 1977. She's taught home ec family and consumer science and heathy living. After 40 years she's decided to retire. This is her last year teaching us. When she first started teaching she had said it was very hard. The classes were separated by boys and girls. Out of her years teaching she likes teaching six grade and ninth grade the most. She really liked to teach sewing but she can't do that anymore. She is the spark on kids faces when they do something successful. One of the worst things that ever happened when she was teaching is a student was sewing in your thumb got caught in a needle. Another really big change is the technology and how kids act toward it. The most embarrassing thing is when kids are talking and she miss hears them and then tries to talk to them about that subject. Here is some extra questions we asked : her favorite food is pizza, her favorite animal is cats, and her favorite color is teal blue. Thank you Mrs. Creed for teaching us. By Maison Albarado and Matthew Down


Master Layout Design/Design Editing: Jack Ritter, Zoe Counts, and Joseph Lee

Sports: Kyzer Molina, Maximilian Whittaker, and River Lynch

Logo Design: Seth Pruitt and Maximilian Whittaker

New kid interview: Chloe Jenkins, Frances Parker

Comic Strip: Kira Holder, Adison Bryant

Mrs. Creed Interview: Mathew Down, Maison Albarado

Featured Songs: Joshua Jewsome

Survey: Orion Jordan

Riddles/can you spot the difference/Posters: Terek Stoll, Steven Meyn, and a Anias Meredith

Can you name the cougar/can you spot the cougar: Mikalah Clark, Tatum Anchors, Lacey Neihaus, and Kyle Watson

Podcast Voiced by: Hosts Jack Ritter, Seth Pruitt, Jordan Rodriguez, and Dana Nichols

Memory hallway: Haden Steele

Remembrance of Mrs. Creed: Maison Albarado and Mathew

Sponsors: Ms. Lucas & Ms. Merz

Special Thanks To Ms. Merz & Ms. Lucas for having the idea of a school paper so us students can have fun working on it and talk while working on the paper. Thank you.

Look For The next Cougar country newspaper In march!

Special thanks to all who who helped make this paper happen, and to you, for reading it.

-Zoe Counts master layout/editing

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