DREAMTIME Lauren Peters

The title sequence will begin with the saxophone. Jazz music will play and the instrument will dance, musical notes appearing as the the clip plays, moving to the same pattern.
The next instrument to appear is the double bass. As this instrument dances, instead of musical notes, the name of an actor will appear, one name at a time. Similar to the notes, the name will also dance to the music. The strings will wobble, as if being played.
For this clip, the letters will appear one by one, leaving the trumpet as if they are notes being played. The trumpet's valves will move to the music and again, the instrument will dance.
For this shot, I will use a particle effect to make a visualisation of a drum being hit. In random order, the letters of the name will appear above and below the drums.
For this shot, a coin will spin and land in the tip jar sat to the right of the screen.
With the finale of the music, the camera will zoom in on the title of the film: DREAMTIME. All the fonts throughout the sequence will have an art deco style and the backgrounds will be textured and pastel colours, to symbolise the old fashioned art style and music.

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