Melges 20 World Championship PACIFIC YANKEE CLINCHes THE TITLE

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Drew Freides Wins the Melges 20 World Championship. Justin Quigg clinches the Corinthian title.

“I bought this boat three years ago because my mom was dying of cancer. She made me get a Melges 20 before she passed away because she knew how much it meant to me. This win’s for her. We did it.”

– Drew Freides, Pacific Yankee owner

“When I got the boat three years ago, Charlie Smythe came with it. I’ve only left the dock without him once,’ said Freides. “We worked really hard. We’ve been to every event. We’re fortunate that the chips went our way this week. Things fell into place for us this year. The Melges 20 fleet is second to none. And that’s what drives all of us to race the Melges 20. Not only are the boats exhilarating but the people are amazing. Everyone’s fun to be around and the talent is incredible.”

We Are Melges 20

Corinthian World Champions: Character 2.0 (CAN)
2nd Corinthian — Portobello (BRA)
3rd Corinthian — Intermezzo (ITA)
4th – STIG
2nd – NIKA
The World Champions

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Congratulations to Pacific Yankee, Nika, and Samba Pa Ti for their podium finishes at the 2017 Melges 20 World Championship!

1.) Drew Freides – PACIFIC YANKEE – 30 points

2.) Vladimir Prosikhin – NIKA – 37 points

3.) John Kilroy – SAMBA PA TI – 46 points

4.) Alessandro Rombelli – STIG – 53 points

5.) James Wilson – OLEANDER – 56 points

6.) Liam Kilroy – WILDMAN – 57 points

7.) Jason Michas – MIDNIGHT BLUE – 62 points

8.) Mattea Marenghi Vaselli – RAYA – 65 points

9.) Daniel Thielman – KUAI – 66 points

10.) Rob Wilber – CINGHIALE – 73 points

11.) Igor Rytov – RUSSIAN BOGATYRS – 75 points

12.) Russell Lucas – SHIMMER – 80 points

13.) Wes Whitnyer Jr – SLINGSHOT – 83 points

14.) Dario Levi – FREMITO D’ARJA – 84 points

15.) Alexis Michas – MIDNIGHT SUN – 85 points

Full Scores: bit.ly/2017Melges20WorldsResults

The Melges 20 Experience

Simple, fun world-class racing at yachting's most celebrated venues. Corinthians and professionals alike.

Year after year, that's what the Melges 20 Experience is all about.

New boats and great used boats are available now. Jump in and come race!

Photos by Barracuda Communication, Hannah Lee Noll, and Up Top Media



The 2017-18 Miami Winter Series is up next featuring three great events: the Season Opener happens December 1-3, the 2018 Winter Regatta on February 9-11 and Melges Rocks on March 16-18 each hosted by Coconut Grove Sailing Club. Melges 20s live for Biscayne Bay racing excitement and action. Online registration is open for all three regattas at these links:

EVENT NO. 1: December 1-3, 2017

EVENT NO. 2: February 9-11, 2018

EVENT NO. 3: March 16-18, 2018

Post Miami, teams can anticipate an awesome Spring racing season in the low-country. Charleston, SC will not only play host to the famous 2018 Sperry Race Week on April 12-15, but shortly thereafter, the North American fleet will host its U.S. National Championship in the same location on May 18-20.


Photos by Barracuda Communication, Hannah Lee Noll, and Up Top Media


A very special thanks to our World Championship hosts — the New York Yacht Club and Sail Newport, especially to PRO Peter 'Luigi' Reggio and phenomenal race committee. A big thanks to our chief sponsors Melges Performance Sailboats and North Sails.

The Melges 20 World Championship is sponsored in part by North Sails

About North Sails 3Di

3Di™ is a unique, patented sailmaking technology that produces the world's fastest and most durable sails. 3Di sails mirror the balanced load bearing and shape holding of a rigid airfoil wing. They are composed of ultra-thin unidirectional spread filament tapes, pre-impregnated with thermoset adhesive, arranged in a multiple-axis array, and three-dimensionally molded into a one-piece, flexible composite membrane. A spread filament tape is an individual yarn that has been spread out until the individual filaments lie side-by-side; forming an ultra-thin "tape." This exclusive technology enables 3Di sails to be made from fiber and adhesive only—without the need for Mylar film. North's proprietary automated tape laying system allows designers precise control over the placement and orientation of material within each sail. This unitary, monolithic construction produces an airfoil that has balanced resistance to distortion in all directions.

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Federico Michetti · federico@melges.com · +39.349.8569100


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About the Melges 20

The Melges 20 fulfills the need for a more compact, yet spacious, fast, well-built sportboat. With its introduction, Melges Performance Sailboats delivered the next generation of sailboat racing and competition. An exclusive Reichel Pugh keelboat design, it is advanced in every respect. Seriously fun, simple to sail, made with high-quality materials and easy to rig, the Melges 20 enjoys a well-established and ever-growing worldwide fleet and fan base. A sexy, sharp bow delivers maximum upwind performance. The stable, flat aft and asymmetrical spinnaker gives way to an exhilarating, fast and fun planing experience. For more information on the Melges 20 and the International Melges 20 Class Association, visit www.melges20.com.

About Melges Performance Sailboats

For more than 70 years, Melges has proudly delivered superior-built scows and sportboats around the world and now offers the Melges IC37 Class, Melges 14 and Melges 40. Melges Performance Sailboats provides continuous customer service and product support unlike anyone else. Every Melges boat is signed, sealed, endorsed and delivered race ready by the best, for the best. For more information about Melges Performance Sailboats, visit melges.com.

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Media by Barracuda Communication, Hannah Lee Noll & Up Top Media

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