Jackson By: Justin johnson

I began my incredible journey in the glacier. Jackson felt cool. He was stuck there for a long time. The sun came out and Jackson began to melt.

Jackson melted and became runoff right into a very cold lake. He was push by the tide th the shore and quickly traveled into the soil and entered the groundwater. He felt nervous because of the other water people. He was scared he wouldn't fit in. The Jackson met Mark a friendly droplet a little older. He showed me how to leave the underground and help me go home.

Jackson found himself surrounded by hundreds of dangling roots. He climbs through the roots. He soon found himself in a leaf. All of a sudden Jackson was floating in the air. He was being evaporated. But the air was so cold he dropped to the ground into a puddle.

Jackson wasn't happy he went to the lake. After a fews days he evaporated high into the sky and condenses into a beautiful cloud.

Before he knew it he was in the clouds! He was tiered.

Jackson fell down in the river. All of a sudden he went back to groundwater.

Suddenly He was back in a stream headed to the ocean.

I like this place

I'm tiered

I got graeck and spit out

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