Green Island Lodge 2015

Zach & Biggie sharing a beer & lying about who had caught the largest fish that morning!

One successful Northern Pike was nailed while John Stockard had visions of Dewars dancing in his head . He seems to be dreaming of returning to the International Falls airport in hopes of entering a nice air conditioned alcohol rehab facility

Biggie nailing a nice lake trout @ Lake Manatou

Ray & his sidekick prepared a shore lunch for us with all of the trimmings! Started with a huge bonfire, added a large black metal cooking pot, dumped 4 blocks of pure lard into the hot pot. When lard had melted, Ray added 3 slabs of bacon for appetizers, then dumped in 5 lbs of sliced potatoes & followed it up with fresh filets of smallmouth bass, Northern Pike & finally filets of freshly caught walleye! Truly a lunch made for kings!

Peagler with a nice smallmouth

Mouthpiece with another huge smallmouth

Zach snagging a Great Northern Pike

Another Northern...

Stockard with a 37 inch Great Northern

Biggie with yet another Great Northern Pike

Catch of the day was made by Scoop Williams... Hung his youngest ( and most pissed off) son, John with a Mepps 5 spinner bait!! Yep, you are seeing right... He hung the bastard between the eyes. An old retired Vietnam Nam surgeon happened to be in the lodge when they arrived back. He cut the lure from his face with NO anesthesia what so ever!! John Williams suddenly became our newest hero & was given the name"Shit hook Williams" for the remainder of the trip!!

Our buggy ride back to the mainland of Canada.. By way of a floatplane manufactured in 1964

Our view coming home.. The beautiful Lake Manatou in Northern Canada

More views from our floatplane

View od the cockpit where copilot Biggie was buckled in tightly

The Williams boys happy to see the mainland and better yet, even happier that Baby John could see at all!

The fearsome foursome in for one last Canadian Knock...

Our ride safely snuggled into the dock @ International Falls, MN

All being said, truly a trip for a lifetime! Good food, food drinks & better yet, good friends for a lifetime. God willing, we all vowed to make the trip again and next time, we will take the rest of the Easley family men! That being said.. This was a show slideshow of a place that any true man should and would love to see & experience!! Signing off.. This is Copilot Biggie counting his many blessings everyday. Friends, family & best of all good health.... Until we meet again... Color me gone & a big over & out!!!

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