Secession "no human power can save the union"

Some Southerners wore ribbons (most with slogans) to show their support for secession from the union.

The Republicans had promised not to stop slavery where it already existed.

But the white southerners did no trust the republicans to protect there right.

On December 20th, 1860 South Carolina voted to secede from the union.

In other Southern states leaders debated the question of secession or withdrawal from the union. Senator John of Crittenden Kentucky suggested a series of amendments to the constitution.

The amendments included protection for slavery south of the 36 30' N latitude (The line set by the Missouri Compromise) in all territories.

Republicans rejected, or refused to except, Crittenden's idea. They had just won an election by promising to stop slavery's spread into territories.
Leaders in the South also rejected the plan.

By February 1861, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia had joined South Carolina and Seceded

Southerners used states rights to justify secession.

Not all whites southerners welcomed secession.

Some Northerners approved of Southern secession.

As always several months passed between the November election and the start of the new presidents term. Buchanan would remain in office until March 4th 1861. In December 1860, Buchanan sent a message to Congress. He said the Southern states had no right to seceded from the union.

As Lincoln prepared for his inauguration people throughout the Untied States wondered what he say and do. They wondered, too, what would happen in VA, NC, KY, TN, MI, DE, ML, AR. These slave stated did not yet secede , but their decision wasn't final.

In his Inaugural Address, Lincoln spoke to the seceding states directly. He said that he could not allow secession. He also vowed to hold federal property in the South (including a number of forts and military installations)

The day after taking office Lincoln got a message. The message stated that Fort Sumter was low supplies and the Confederates demanded it's surrender.

Mean while, High seas kept union ships from reaching the fort.facing a hopeless situation, the union surrendered the fort on April 14.

Lincoln issued a call for troops. volunteers quickly signed up.

Reaction to this Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas voted to join Confederacy.

The Civil war had begun

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