Russians! Come on in!

America is the land of the free and home of the brave. We have vast working opportunities, political freedom, religious freedom, plentiful land in which you are lacking, and we have food! The Homestead act will guarantee you a plot of land out west, simp,y just come through Ellis island! The imperials don't want you to leave, but WE WANT YOU! (To come work in horrible conditions for long hours and little pay in a factory) BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!

Escape the fatherland! The imperials won't let you leave, but you must try your hardest. If you are from Poland, you should have no problem coming to our land. Ukrainians, Bellarussians, Lithuanians and Poles, come one come all, the land of opportunity awaits!

Unskilled and uneducated? No problem! There is a factory job JUST FOR YOU! (Accept this limited time offer and receive your own small downtrodden flat!)

Come and rejoice in the culture! We have entertainment, spectacles as far as the eye can see! Look at this right here! HORSES! Bet you don't have those! We have conveniences such as sinks and running water, telegraphs, railways for transportation, and it doesn't end there!

But be warned! Please don't look directly in the eyes of native-born white men or there wives, do not speak directly to anybody who you do not know outside of your own cultural sector, (ghetto) and please do not try to start a row with the government or take part in politics in any way, people tend to not like that around here.

This advertisement was brought to you in part by John Shaw and Sons General Hardware Merchant Co. where you will be provided a comfortable job and maybe a small flat to live in with all the modern American comforts and luxuries you desire.

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