Point of View Assignment By: jake wilding

Tom Robinson at the Trial:

I can't believe Mayella is lyin' to the court. The way her pa treats her breaks my heart. I neva wanted no reward for helpin' her with work. If it helped her, I was glad to help. All those nickels she saved went towards her plot. She jus' wanted somebody to love her. Mr. Ewell neva realized that she was lonely. I'm sure that was cause he was always drunk. He woulda spent money on a drink rather than his kids if he could. He called her a whore and threatened to kill her. I was so scared I jus' ran. He musta beat her after I was gone. When I saw her bruises, I felt terrible. Maybe if I stayed, I coulda stopped Mr. Ewell. She musta been scared stiff to lie in court. But Mr. Ewell knew that my word would neva amount to anything in a court. I neva wanted anyone to get hurt.

Helen Robinson After Learning of Tom's Death

I knew that Tom would neva rape anybody. How could he beat her without his left hand? Atticus proved that Mr. Ewell was left handed, but it didn't matter. Everybody on that jury hates us black folks. We mind our business and try to live our lives but they find ways to bring us down. If Mr. Ewell's daughter really was raped, he woulda got her medical attention. My Tom loved me very much. He woulda neva done somethin' so wretched in his life. Atticus did all he coulda for Tom, bless his heart, but it did nothin'. Tom musta lost his hope, so he wanted to run. The guards shot him 17 times. They said they was goin' to wound him. How many bullets does it take to wound someone? I don't think it takes half of that number! They just wanted somethin' to shoot at! When will us black folks get justice?

Jem During the Attack:

I knew Scout was embarrassed after the pageant. She wanted to wait for everyone to leave. I could understand that. After a while, I began to grow impatient. It was nearing ten o'clock and Atticus was expecting us. On our way home, something spooked us. Scout became angry, expecting it to be Cecil trying to scare us again. I was expecting it to be Cecil as well. Soon, we realized that it was Mr. Ewell. I saw the switchblade in the moonlight. I was scared for me and Scout. I told her to run, but he was much faster than she. I tried to protect her, but when I did, he broke my arm. I saw Boo Radley come outta his house and stab Mr. Ewell to save us. He carried me home and brought Scout. He was quiet, but something about his actions told me that he cared about us.

Atticus while Arguing with Heck Tate:

The first thing that passed through my mind when the kids came home was their safety. I could tell that Jem was hurt and Scout was scared. My first instinct was to get medical help for Jem. My second was to piece together what had occurred. Heck Tate told me that Bob Ewell was dead under a tree with a knife sticking out from under his ribs. I thought that it was Jem who had been able to get the knife and stab him. I didn't want Jem to be protected from the law. It would only increase the hostility towards my family and I. Heck Tate assured me that it was not Jem. It was, in fact, Arthur Radley. He came out of his house in order to protect my children. This, however, was to be kept a secret. Heck Tate knew that it would be a bad situation for Arthur to be in. I agreed, he would rather be the nameless hero. Perhaps Bob Ewell got what he deserved. Tom was innocent and didn't deserve to die.


The purpose of this assignment was to infer what some of the characters were experiences at important parts of the story. The clear discrimination of Tom Robinson was disgusting. He could not have beaten her with his left hand if he could not use it properly. Mayella was clearly lonely and neglected by her family. Her father was a reckless alcoholic and her siblings mistreated her. Tom sincerely felt sorry for her and even turned down the money that she offered for his help. She was lonely and wanted to be shown affection. I felt bad for Tom, but I never thought about it from his point of view. He was desperate and knew that he would not be able to be found innocent, despite the convincing evidence. I had already been angry at the majority of people in Maycomb, but this turned some of that anger into empathy for Tom Robinson.

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