Alaska In 2015

Marj was showing her skepticism that she had any gold at all.

The Angel Falls were huge and loud. It was worth the trek to the bottom of the falls.

Mary stopping to take a drink during the half mile trek to the Angel Falls.

I am again taking photos along the pathways in Alaska.

The beauty from flowers to the waterfalls to the icebergs.

Viewing the top of a mountain as trekking inAlaska.

Wild flowers viewed while walking a trail.

A tree with cones looking down on a lake.

Rushing creek in a town we stopped to tour.

A glacier up close with a photo. This was taken from a tour boat we used to view whales and ice bergs.

Seeing the excitement of the Idatirod dogs to pull a sled on wheels was unbelievable. Anyone thinking the dogs are abused with forcing them to run in the race would change their mind after listening to the mushers that spoke about the sport. The excitement of the dogs as they waited their turn to pull the cart was unbelievable. Seeing pups that may end up pulling sleds in a future idatirod race. The dogs live longer than most dogs because of their care by their owners. They are mainly fed salmon fish rich in protein.

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