The Heist Ben Williams

The bank blue prints

A group of friends with no money left in their pockets had to find a way to get money fast. Their only option was crime. One day a friend in the group came up with the idea of stealing money. The others hated the idea but times were tough and eventually they had no choice. Fred did not like the idea at all but he was pressured into it by his friends and didn't want to lose them as they are all he had. So the planning began...

The Police Side

Officer's Tom and Hank were just casually sitting in their car eating donuts pretending not to notice speeding cars when suddenly a loud robotic voice blasted out of their radio's saying "All units, we have a bank robbery at the Jake Dawson Bank. All units intercept, I repeat ALL UNITS!" Tom and Hank threw down their donuts and sped to the bank. Sirens blaring, they sped down the road

Criminals: They had overrun the bank and had split up into two groups. One group went down to the vault to take the money and the other stayed with the hostages.



Created with images by klimkin - "police machine siren"

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