2018 Welcome to the City Parties From Baltimore to Barcelona and L.A. to London, Duke alumni gathered on October 17, 2018, to welcome newcomers to their neighborhoods! See photos of the events around the world here. Pictured here: Barcelona, Spain!

Moving to a new city can be a whole lot easier when you’re plugged in to the local Duke community. It's a good thing #DukeisEverywhere! 💙😈 Duke Welcome Parties provide a fun and personal way to introduce relocating alumni to all that Duke has to offer in their new hometown. Duke alumni around the world gathered to welcome new Blue Devils to their cities - from Durham to San Francisco to Barcelona.

Let's start at a place we all know and love, a place of (mostly) sunny skies, tech startups, revolutionary medical research and Cameron Indoor. Let's start in Durham.

Home, sweet Durham🌛
📍 Durham

Next, let's take it to the West Coast. Thank you to all the Duke regional event coordinators around the world for all their hard work in pulling off some great events! We couldn't do it without them!

📍Orange County
📍San Francisco
📍San Diego
A great night with great people!

California is warm, but Texas is hot🔥. And the Duke alumni across North Texas, Houston and Austin know how to have a good time.

📍 North Texas (This little girl did NOT make it through the night😅)
Nothing's wrong with reppin' a little Duke gear.

The largest group of Duke alumni call the East Coast home, and many came out to their local Welcome to the City parties to meet other Dukies and welcome newcomers home!

📍Washington, DC
📍New York City
The spread from Richmond😍

As you know, however, #DukeisEverywhere and there isn’t enough room for everyone on the East Coast. We have to spread Duke pride throughout the country! Duke has connections and alumni everywhere, from the South to the Midwest and farther. Check out some more pics: Spot anyone you know?


Duke has hundreds of alumni living abroad. There were Welcome parties in London, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Mumbai, Bengaluru and more. The very first photo at the top of the page is from a Barcelona party, and the ones below are from Paris.

Did you go to a Welcome to the City party but can't find photos here? We're still waiting for a few regions to send us the pics from their parties, so check back here in the coming weeks to see what has been added.

Forever Duke,

The Duke Alumni Association


Thanks to everyone who coordinated and attended these wonderful events. Have photos to share with us? Tag us on social media @DukeAlumni and use the hashtags #DukeWelcome #ForeverDuke. And while you're at it, make sure to follow us too 😈 Visit alumni.duke.edu to check out more events happening near you!

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