Mountain Breeze By Jared HIlton

Our mission is to Provide a free adventurous life of everyone in a fresh healthy enviroment

Our motto is Life Beyond compare because life here reaches the sky

This our seal because it shows that you can live where you please

But every utopia needs rules or guidelines for people to know how to live

Here are the Rules\Guidlines

1. Don't terrorize government property

2.Don't Steal

3.Don't kill

4.Don't lie

5.Don't charge people for food

6.Don't fight

7.Don't bully of tease

8,Choose you own education

9.Don't cheat

10.Work our for at least an hour

Located in any mountain Jungle in South America because it is your pick

Life in this community is awesome school is optional to all those who wish to take any classes. you pretty much get to adventure at your own free will all day. Sleep is also optional because in a perfect world some of us don't have time to sleep, because we would rather be out in the jungle exploring.

The government is just a court to make sure people are following all the rules plus a group of enforcers to watch the people in their daily lives

So just to finish up you should all join this free adventurous environment because it is a healthy and fresh environment to live a free and adventours life


Created with images by keijj44 - "mountain peak mountain range" • tpsdave - "austria lake reflections" • FrankWinkler - "boat house cottage waters" • Maaark - "fence wires web" • Hans - "tree jungle green" • Foundry - "hipster man guy" • tpsdave - "inyo county courthouse architecture" • Simon - "aiguille du midi chamonix mountain station"

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