Ringworm By: Cate crosbie

This is what ringworm looks like on the skin

Ringworm is a common fungal infection of the skin and is not due to a worm.

Symptoms: -a rash that may be peeling, cracking, scaling, itching, and red and has a ring-like appearance

The system that ringworm affects is the skin.

Ringworm is not deadly.

Chronic ringworm only occurs when someone fails to complete the treatment prescribed to them. It is very rare.

There are different types of treatment to use when treating ringworm. IT depends on what kind of ringworm you have: scalp, body and groin.

You can treat the scalp using oral anti fungal tablets. The treatments provided for the scalp are: Terbinafine (Laminal), Griseofulvin (Grisovin), Anti-fungal shampoos, and Shaving a child's head.

The majority of skin cases are treated with OTC anti-fungal creams.

Ringworm is a fairly common disease. It is most common among adolescents. Ringworm is common is most parts of the world but has decreased dramatically in Southeast Asia is the last few years. The decrease is credited to improved general sanitary conditions and personal hygiene with improved economic conditions.

Worldwide the incidence of ringworm is underreported, because most people do not seek medical attention.

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